Programmes for the Young Ones

We Value Children

Know God Personally
Children can know God personally. We aim to provide opportunities for them to hear, learn and grow in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
Teach the Bible
Our programmes are built on a foundation of teaching the Bible — it is only through the Bible that we come to know Jesus Christ.
Discover God
Children learn by hearing, seeing and doing. Our programmes enable the children to discover God through Bible stories, activities and relationally with the teachers and other children.

Children Can Share
We believe children can share the good news of Jesus Christ with others. We seek to equip the children with the skills and confidence to do so.
Encourage & Support Parents
We believe parents have the awesome responsibility of training their children for a life of Christian service. It’s important for us to encourage and support parents in their vital role.

Relevant & Real
Learning from the Bible is practical and FUN!

We operate 3 separate age-related groups giving the children an opportunity to make friends among their peers. With the Bible at the centre of our time together, we use age-appropriate games, crafts and activities to help the children discover what God has to say.
3-4 year olds
At this age we're laying foundations about the big story of the Bible. There is a focus on learning through playing. The children do activities and answer questions to help them remember the main concepts of the Bible teaching they've heard.


Class 2
5-7 year olds
This age group builds and develops foundations in the big story of the Bible. Activities are specifically designed for these early-readers who love to make and do crafts. There's a growing emphasis on open-ended questions which encourage the children to respond to the Bible teaching they have heard.

School Years: 1-3

Class 3
8-10 year olds
The children are interacting with the Bible themselves more at this age. We aim to help them unpack the Bible passage in its context and place it in the big story of the Bible. The children are encouraged to respond to the challenge of the passage through connections with real life situations they face.

School Years: 4-6


During the Morning Service a crèche is provided for babies/toddlers up to 3 years. Crèche begins early in the service. You may leave your child in the care of our team and pick them up at the conclusion of the service.

We also provide a “Quiet Space” for mothers and babies and audio from the service is available in this room.


Our Intermediate students study the Bible, ask questions and work out how the Bible applies to their life. The programme builds on what the children have learnt at Kidzown and helps them with their personal faith in Christ.

The programme is more discussion based, with quizzes and puzzles, designed to move with the children as they develop more independence and are required to make more choices.

Keeping Safe

Hastings Baptist Church is committed to the safety and well-being of children and young people involved in our church programmes. Accordingly, child protection and good working practices around young people are critical components to the activities and ministries of the church.


We recognises that child protection is everyone’s responsibility.


We are committed to providing a safe physical environment.


We are committed to nurturing, protecting and safeguarding children and young people.


We exercise care in the appointment of all those working with children and young people in the church, in particular being guided by the ChildSafe principles.


We are committed to supporting, training and resourcing those who work with children and young people and providing regular supervision.