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May 2004

Self Denial - Mark from Hastings shares how they launched this year's annual Tranzsend Self Denial Appeal.

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Week 1: The Church was completely blacked out with rotating disco balls and a very large rotating hedgehog with about 100 light beams coming out of it. It looked fantastic but several people had to leave due to the rotating lights making them feel queasy (sorry folks!). The platform was lit by a single light and the cross on the main wall was illuminated. All this reminded us of the theme of Self Denial - The Light of the World.

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Week 2: The church had more light than the previous week. This came predominantly from one large stage spotlight which rotated over the congregation during the service. This reminded us of our need to live in the light.

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Week 3: The church was completely lit via 7000 watts of video lights set up on stage and aimed out into the congregation so that it was quite difficult to even see those on the platform. As the lights dimmed, the cross on the platform and the preacher could be seen as they reflected the light through the message of the Word. This reminded us of the challenge to reflect the light. It was hard work but it raised over $4000, our best effort ever, to go towards the work of Tranzsend.


November 2004

Delicious dinner, catered by professionals, held in church lounge in October. Time of mixing and meeting new people. Combined evening service, held at Hastings church, well attended by people from six local Baptist churches. Paul Windsor flew down for this special service and delivered inspiring message. He last visited at induction service of Paul Davison. Fifth anniversary of that event celebrated at recent Sunday morning service, we are blessed by his ministry.

N.Z. Baptist Magazine

Since the first days of the church, Hastings Baptist submitted regular summaries of church life and events to the New Zealand Baptist Magazine.  As part of the centenary archive those updates have been collected and reproduced here.  It is a catalogue of people and moments that have shaped the church’s story.