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March 1991

Knights Recognised

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Thank you for giving us the opportunity to recognise 'knighthoods' in our churches for services rendered to the King of Kings. Work by two of our people was recognised in this way - Harry and Norma Callister - who coordinate our cleaning as well as doing lots of other things for our church.

We decided to recognise them, because of all that they do here for us at Hastings Baptist, and also to recognise them representative of all the 'behind the scenes' often mundane work which needs to be carried out for the church to be able to run.

We made medallions for Harry and Norma to wear around their necks. The pastor got hold of a lovely long sword. We were recognising that they had more than a worldly 'knighthood.' They, in fact, had a 'heavenly sainthood' from the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The honours of this earth will fade away in comparison to the honours from our Lord which will last forever. We even get to live with Him! After thanking them, and all whom they represented our pastor 'knighted' them Sir Harry and Lady Norma. There were quite a few drippy eyes!!

So, Baptist, thank you for the opportunity to be able to recognise work done for our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.

- Mrs Yvonne Hewitt, Hastings


HASTINGS Rev Peter Eaton 10.30am & 7.00pm

The new Church hall is now completed and the old has been demolished and removed. The church ceiling had to be replaced and the painting is now finished. Special thanks to those who cleaned and prepared the building for services each week during operations. Neville Williamson, Ian Taylor and some home groups led the services during the summer vacation. It was good to welcome folk from other churches. God ministered to us through Gerald Bradley's inspiring weekend seminar, on the theme "The Challenge of the Renewed Mind."


May 1991

HASTINGS Rev Peter Eaton 10.30am & 7.00pm

Children's Church has begun successfully, replacing the traditional Sunday School. The children take part in their weekly programmes. Our Church hosted the Good Friday Service, with our Methodist and Salvation Army friends. Hot-cross buns and coffee followed. An enjoyable games evening, was held recently in our hall. Its facilities were much appreciated. There is an open door and an enthusiastic response for our church to participate in learning groups and services at the nearby Hawke's Bay prison. Alan and Pam Bird, fresh from Papua New Guinea, and the Wilkinson family (SSEM) were recent guests at a service.


July 1991

HASTINGS Rev Peter Eaton 10.30am & 7.00pm

An authentic Chinese smorgasbord dinner was organised by Linda Giang to help raise funds for our Pastor's forthcoming trip overseas. Casey Drake is at present in Manila with a working party from Hawke's Bay for the Far East Broadcasting Company. Our Pastor and team led a mission at Gisborne Central recently. The young people sold food to raise funds towards their trip to C.T.C. in Wellington at Queen's Birthday weekend. Indoor bowls and badminton are two of the regular sports at present available. A recent pulpit exchange was arranged by our Hawke's Bay ministers.


September 1991

HASTINGS Rev Peter Eaton 10.30am & 7.00pm

Welcome home to Pastor Peter from his trip abroad, and also to Casey Drake home from Manila. Thanks to Rev & Mrs Noel Thompson who ministered to us during Peter's absence. Roy Woods was busy in our schools and churches last week. Four Billy Graham films in the "Hope" series have been screened recently. A Parenting Seminar is underway for the parents of young children. Congratulations to Bill Noell for winning the Lincoln Scholarship and to Hayden Hewitt - selected for the H.B. boys Under-18 hockey team. A "Helping Hand Trust" has been set up to provide financial information, education and assistance to the people of Hawke's Bay.


November 1991

HASTINGS Rev Peter Eaton 10.30am & 7.00pm

"Today's Mission Towards 2000" presented by the Mission Council was a weekend of information, inspiration, encouragement, commitment and fellowship as folk participated in a prayer breakfast, cross cultural evening meal, concert including puppets and wheel of fortune, and a Family Service. On Sunday afternoon there are a range of activities, e.g. prison service at Mangaroa, rest home visitation with singing and reading, old folks' drive and afternoon tea, and food parcel deliveries. A Dutch Faulty Towers Auction evening raised money towards the Bible College and T.E.E. We continue to pray for Tracey and Brenton Hall, whose tiny baby died. Tracey is still far from well.

N.Z. Baptist Magazine

Since the first days of the church, Hastings Baptist submitted regular summaries of church life and events to the New Zealand Baptist Magazine.  As part of the centenary archive those updates have been collected and reproduced here.  It is a catalogue of people and moments that have shaped the church’s story.