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February 1989

HASTINGS - Rev P.N. Eaton

Guides and Brownies paraded at a Family Service. A Missions Forum was conducted by the Evangelical Missionary Alliance. Extra funds were raised at a Building Fund garage sale. Heather Hunt has returned to Nepal. A celebration prior to Christmas began with a barbeque tea, with Citizens' Band played and then combined with six other churches at a service in the Municipal Theatre. Mrs Sheila Gordon was thanked for her many years of service in the Sunday School prior to her departure to Rotorua. Rev. Ian Taylor and Geoff Whelan were holiday preachers.


March 1989

HASTINGS - Rev P.N. Eaton

Missions Council convenor, Steve Trim, and his wife Maryann and family were sent to Fiji to get a firsthand look at the field. Steve worked with Rob Kilpatrick in completing their house and working on "The New life Baptist Church". They are now able to encourage us with the knowledge they have gained. Rev Bruce Bradburn has been inducted as the first pastor of the Havelock North Church. Ruth McKenzie has returned to Bhutan for six weeks to conclude her ministry there before returning home. Another successful Building Fund shop day has been held. Ruth Callister has a nursing position in a hospital in Hastings, England.


April 1989

HASTINGS - Rev P.N. Eaton

Goldie Gibson, a Christian Counsellor, is to lead our Care Centre in conjunction with three doctors. Goldie will be working with needy folk in the community and then for one day a week with church folk needing counselling. She will train church members in counselling. A barbeque tea, followed by an evening service, was well attended by folk from the Baptist Churches here in Hawke's Bay. The Armstrong Saddle in the Ruahine Ranges was a recent challenge for 40 members of our tramping club. Linda Johnson leaves for short term missions work with HCJB at the Shell Hospital in Ecuador. Suzanne Jamieson has been chosen for the NZ women's under 20 cricket team.


June 1989

HASTINGS Rev Peter Eaton 10.30 & 7.00

We have commenced equipping counsellors. Sixty are attending the introductory sessions dealing with "Ourselves as Counsellors". A trip to Lake Tutira for a picnic lunch, followed by a walk at Holts' Forest, was enjoyed by many families after a recent morning service. Margaret Motion has been the guest speaker at a number of meetings and services in our area. Another successful Building Fund Shop Day has been held, when over $1200 was raised, and a future $1200 was raised to assist one of our younger members to do a short-term missionary stint in Ecuador.


July 1989

HASTINGS Rev P. Eaton 10.30 & 7.00

Members have been challenged with various ways of raising finance so church extensions can begin immediately. Marjorie Gibson and Bruce Patrick were guest speakers at a Church Strengthening Conference hosted by our church. BMF members took part in a morning service during Witness Week. Welcome home to Linda Johnson from volunteer work at a mission hospital in Ecuador. Combined local churches shared in 'God Awareness Week' activities. Sixteen young people attended YFC Capital Teen Convention. Welcome to the Hibbs family transferring from Porirua East. Farewell to the Booth family moving to Wellington.


October 1989

HASTINGS Rev P. Eaton 10.30 & 7.00

Extensions to church begun. Working party soon to go to Fiji. Bob and Pat Parrant have moved to Waikanae. Bryan Bisley and Murray Greenwood received into membership. Casserole bank in great demand recently.

N.Z. Baptist Magazine

Since the first days of the church, Hastings Baptist submitted regular summaries of church life and events to the New Zealand Baptist Magazine.  As part of the centenary archive those updates have been collected and reproduced here.  It is a catalogue of people and moments that have shaped the church’s story.