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February 1982

HASTINGS (Rev R. Golding and Rev G. Henshaw)

Sunday morning services over the holiday period were at 10am allowing time to chat with visitors afterwards, and supper followed evening services for the same reason. Home groups were in recess except for one held in the church lounge, giving an opportunity for prayer and Bible study to those who were holidaying at home. Films were shown after evening services in February. "My Friends are Dying" was one which brought home to those who saw it the extent of drug abuse in NZ and the great needs of those involved. Projects for this year include the continuation of "Zach's Employment scheme" aimed at teaching work skills to young unemployed in Flaxmere; and outreach into the Akina area through the Family Care and Craft Programme, aided by 'Barnabus', our newly commissioned bus.


June 1982

HASTINGS (Rev. R. Golding & Rev. G. Henshaw)

A group in our church which has shown phenomenal growth in the last 12 months is the "Mid-Set" group. These are young working people, some married, many not, who have come to Hastings to work, or have returned here after training in their chosen careers. Our church has traditionally lacked people of this age. Our youth leader saw this growth, realised these people had different needs from the B.Y.M. or young married couples with young families, so a meeting was called to discuss the formation of a new group. The "Mid-Set" is now a lively, friendly group where about 40 people find Christian fellowship. Each week they have two Home Groups for Bible Study and prayer. There are also monthly 'happenings' to which friends can be brought. Many of those who come remain in the group. This is a very useful outreach into the community and already we have seen some baptisms amongst people who have been introduced to the church through Mid-Set activities.


July 1982

HASTINGS (Rev Robin Golding & Rev G Henshaw)

The May school holidays saw the beginning of a very active period for our church. The children's holiday programme with support from an OAC group, together with a family care and craft programme in the evenings, plus a drop-in centre for young people, have brought many into contact with the church. There has also been a visitation programme in one area of the city where our visitors have been well received. Young and old are participating in an "adoption" scheme which aims to enable us all to know one another better. Response has been so good that some adoptive homes are still without adoptees. A seminar conducted by Rev David Pawson has been another aspect of the church-growth activities, challenging us to fuller commitment. Our minister's custom of including a summary of his morning sermon in each Sunday's newsletter is proving most helpful.


November 1982

HASTINGS (Rev Robin Golding & Rev G Henshaw)

Don Oliver weighed up the situation when he spoke at a men's dinner recently. There were several responses after his message. A church family tea followed by an early-evening service provided the opportunity to reflect on the year that has passed since our Lay Renewal Weekend, and a half-night of prayer gave opportunity for all to join in prayer for further growth. We marked the change of seasons with a spring flower service. The church was a delight, with masses of beautiful floral arrangements depicting the aims and objects of each church group. The church was open all day and no doubt some of those who visited were drawn by the perfume wafting through the doors. Next day the flowers were distributed to our sick and elderly folk, and to the hospice. Centennial celebrations brought Napier and Hastings church folk together at the Show grounds. The weather could have been kinder for the service of praise, and picnic lunch. The Family Camp at the beginning of October will mark the beginning of the manse family's second year with us.

N.Z. Baptist Magazine

Since the first days of the church, Hastings Baptist submitted regular summaries of church life and events to the New Zealand Baptist Magazine.  As part of the centenary archive those updates have been collected and reproduced here.  It is a catalogue of people and moments that have shaped the church’s story.