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February 1978

Easter '78

For an Easter experience you'll never forget ... Come to the "Easter Festival" at Hastings! Arranged by the Hastings Baptist Church, this year's festival promises great things. The programme commences on Thursday evening 23 March and runs through to lunchtime on Monday 27.

Highlights include:

  • Friday - Morning: Combined Church Service; Evening: "Kaleidoscope" and Hot Cross Bun supper
  • Saturday - Evening "Jesus Event"
  • Sunday - Morning Sunrise Communion Service, Frimley Gardens; Evening: Resurrection Drama

Six Workshops are planned:

  • Music, Musical Groups, Choirs etc. - Guy Jansen of the Celebration Singers
  • Public Speaking And You - Ken McCormack
  • Interpersonal Relationships - Dr Bruce Turley
  • Search The Scriptures - Barrie Hibbert
  • Social Action And The Church - Michael Dunk
  • Visual Aids And Church Promotion

Guest Speaker at ALL services will be the Rev. Barrie Hibbert.

Limited accommodation will be available in a modem self-contained school close to the church. All meals for visitors will be available at the Church.

Costs have been kept to a minimum: $25.00 for those using the school accommodation; $3.00 complete workshop course or $1.00 per workshop

If you are interested in attending and require further details please write to: Festival Registrar, P.O. Box 1309, Hastings.

The closing date for registration is the 17th March. As accommodation and Workshop numbers are limited you are advised to make your enquiry immediately.


April 1978

Hastings (Rev. R. Elder, Rev. K. McCormack)

The church programme recommenced with a series on "What Church Membership Involves" and "The Lord's Prayer". A week of prayer with forty minute meetings each night highlighted the life and work of our church. The World Day of Prayer Service was held in our church with one hundred people in attendance. Missionary speakers have included Dr. Lesley Bond and Mr. & Mrs. David Harry, The Church Picnic featured a Top Town Contest, Model Aeroplane and Hang Glider displays, Motorbike and tractor rides for the young people, plus a kite flying competition. The Easter Festival Programme, with its daily services and specialised workshops, musical and dramatisations adaptations of the sufferings of Christ have emphasised the timelessness of this message. J.A.W.


June 1978

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Among the workshops offered at this year's Hastings Easter festival "music" attracted large numbers. Here Guy Jansen (Wellington) leads the group in discussion and experimentation with the creative use of music in the church.

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President lays them in the aisles! Participants in the "public speaking workshop at the Hastings Easter Festival had a relaxing time under the ministry of the Rev. W. K. J. McCormack. Following exercises such as this, the group engaged in a variety of activities which encouraged the art of public speaking.


September 1978

Hastings (Rev. R. Elder, Rev. K. McCormack)

During the May holidays a programme of creative activities was organised for the young people, many of whom attended the Youth For Christ Convention in Wellington. A missionary convention, jointly run by the Hastings and Napier Churches was held from June 25th to July 2nd, with an emphasis upon cottage meetings; missionaries on furlough and local representatives addressed these gatherings. A successful programme of craft evenings last year, resulted in another series during July, with tuition being offered in many different activities. Rev. K.J. McCormack has been involved in extensive deputation work as Union President, and during his absence Rev. R. Elder and several members of the congregation have ministered to us. J.A.W.

N.Z. Baptist Magazine

Since the first days of the church, Hastings Baptist submitted regular summaries of church life and events to the New Zealand Baptist Magazine.  As part of the centenary archive those updates have been collected and reproduced here.  It is a catalogue of people and moments that have shaped the church’s story.