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March 1977

HASTINGS (Revs. K. McCormack and R. Elder)

At a well attended Annual General Meeting the following goals were accepted for 1977: a 10% increase in membership, a 10% increase in attendance at worship services and a doubling of the number of house groups. Special services included a presentation of selections from "The Messiah" and a programme by the Junior Department of the Sunday School. Following the Civic Carol Service a church supper was held with the exchange of small gifts. Nine young people attended the Pan Australian Youth Conference in Adelaide and three members participated in the Baptist College Summer School. Our vacation student pastor Rodney Duncan, was greatly appreciated, and we look forward to the contributions of assistant minister, Rev. Ron Elder.


June 1977

HASTINGS (Revs. K. McCormack and R. Elder)

A Church Picnic featuring a "Kolossal Kite Kontest", Hay Rides, Trail Bikes, Model Aeroplane and Barbecue Tea proved most popular. The thank you offering taken at Harvest Festival to establish a trust fund for member missionaries on their retirement raised $3.500. Eighty-five people enjoyed a bus trip of the Central Hawke's Bay area; and a holiday tour of the Coromandel Peninsula is planned for the retired folk. Many of the young people have attended class camps and 48 went to Easter Camp at Marton. Easter celebrations included a splendid performance of the cantata, "From Olivet to Calvary" and a mini-Festival programme at the Church. Baptisms 6.


September 1977

HASTINGS (Revs. K. McCormack and R. Elder)

Rev. McCormack has returned from a three week study tour of Australian churches. At a number of cottage meetings he has shared with us possible future developments for our church, particularly in community service and involvement. A missionary convention was held with meetings on six consecutive evenings. Church representatives of thirteen missions presented their society's work through displays. Several missionaries spoke of their experiences and a poverty dinner was held. Craft workshops providing tuition in ten crafts were held on three Friday evenings. These may be the basis of a wider work. The lighter side of church activity was seen in a recent church concert.

N.Z. Baptist Magazine

Since the first days of the church, Hastings Baptist submitted regular summaries of church life and events to the New Zealand Baptist Magazine.  As part of the centenary archive those updates have been collected and reproduced here.  It is a catalogue of people and moments that have shaped the church’s story.