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February 1976

HASTINGS (Rev W.K.J. McCormack)

Family Camp held during October was a new departure and great time of fun and fellowship. Ruth McKenzie is spending her vacation from Bible College at a leper hospital in South India. We are overjoyed that Assembly will be held in Hastings in 1976. In November Or Ray Stedman from Pale Alto preached in our church. Or Stedman will be ministering in Central Districts late next year and gave us an interesting taste of what we may expect Dr Dick Hillis his associate preached in the evening missionaries. It is with great regret that we will be farewelling Miss Mere Pou who has worked unstintingly amongst our Maori folk for the last eight years. She will be greatly missed and we wish her well in her new area of work in Gisborne. No. of Baptisms 6. MAL


July 1976

HASTINGS (Rev. W.K.J. McCormack)

There has been much activity as our church has prepared for the Easter Festival. We thank Ron Elder and Michael Dreycevich from College who helped with the services bringing freshness and vitality. Every day was an active day and we were surrounded by young people, music, food, concerts, musical and of course, the highlights being worship services and a sunrise Communion Service in a local Park. John and Naomi Beard, black gospel singers from USA, treated us to a lively afternoon of worship through music. Visiting preachers were Rev. D.W Storkey, Chaplain of Lindisfarne College, and Mr Michael Dunk of the Community Counselling Service. Our young people held an auction to raise the $400 target they had set for missionary support, and this they succeeded in doing.


September 1976

HASTINGS (Rev. W.K.J. McCormack)

One mid-week meeting each month has been set aside as a "missionary meeting'. To date we have heard of the work of Christian literature Crusade and Andes Evangelical Mission. This is a good move to bring missions to the attention of praying people. Our guest preachers have been Rev. Michael Dunk and Rev. Angus McLeod. We congratulate Miss Melva Mildenhall on her long service award following 31 years as an officer in Girls' Brigade. Mr. Paul Phillips from Anchorage in Hamilton gave an inspiring address on his work among alcohol and drug addicts. A special service was held for receiving "love loaves" followed by lunch at the church. This was a time for meeting and getting to know folk.


October 1976


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Raising money is hard work but great fun, especially when it is a' group effort. There are all sorts of clever ideas for fund raising. A good one is Hastings's Monster Auction: No, we didn't sell monsters! But we auctioned nearly everything else. The idea was to raise $400 to meet our BYM missionary target. So we climbed out of bed really early Saturday morning and went from door to door (of Church homes) collecting everything we could lay our hands on. So persuasive were the collectors that folks even donated prize possessions they had to buy back later!

At 2pm Auctioneer Michael McCormack brought his hammer down on the first item and the monster auction was underway - bicycles as low as $5, beds and chairs for even less, an electric range for $2, some tired old motor mowers for a song, and a much sort after work of art for 2 cents! Of course there were some straight rip-offs too - a blackboard for $9 and a bottle of coke for 60 cents, but the cashier didn't object any.

The auction was a load of fun, and our - target was soon reached. - Lyn Nunns


November 1976

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President John Jeffery congratulates President-elect, the Rev. Ken McCormack


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"Where it was all happening" - the troika who kept Assembly moving smoothly and happily. At the close of the final business session, delegates warmly applauded President John Jeffery, the General Secretary (Dr Stan Edgar), and the Associate Secretary Treasurer (Mr Bruce Roberts) for their excellent leadership from the top table.


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Several "presentations" were incorporated into the Assembly programme. Here we see a President-elect, the Rev. Ken McCormack, chairing a panel discussion on the respective roles of ministers, deacons and members in the local Church. Those taking part ware Mr Kevin Simpson (Secretary, Auckland Association), Mrs. Joan Wilton (New Plymouth), Rev. Harold Pidwell (College), and Rev. Fred Creighton (Hamilton Central).


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Rev. Dr. R.J. Thompson, Principal Of The College, Addresses The Assembly.

N.Z. Baptist Magazine

Since the first days of the church, Hastings Baptist submitted regular summaries of church life and events to the New Zealand Baptist Magazine.  As part of the centenary archive those updates have been collected and reproduced here.  It is a catalogue of people and moments that have shaped the church’s story.