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February 1975

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Jesus happening weekend at the Hastings Baptist with 40 kids from Taupo and Taita.

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HASTINGS (Rev. W. K. J. McCormack) At Annual Meeting, Miss Elma Sims was presented with bouquet in recognition of 46 years as flower convenor. We praise God for a new organ which greatly encourages the singing in our services. Men’s tea held as opportunity to bring friends into fellowship. Visiting speakers have been Ted & Elsie Crawford M.A.F. Brian Tucker A.P.C.M., and Peter & Sue Bryan from Zaire. Young People's Group organised fun and entertainment and fellowship coupled in evening with Worship and Praise. It was a joy to be hosts to this young couple. A social evening was held by church members for Sister Mere Pou who has served 7 years among the Maori people. Representatives from other denominations as well as various Social Services paid tribute to the work she has done to help her own people. No. of Baptisms 4. M.A.L.


March 1975

The Hastings Easter Festival: The First National Jesus Rock Concert

Pop Opera, Nativity Play, Special Services etc. in one fabulous holiday weekend for all the family. Hastings March 28-31, 1975

Chapter 1 - The First National Jesus Rock Concert.

And in those days some of the disciples had set sail across the bay called Hawke and gathered together in the town of Hastings.

2. There they tarried, and met to worship week by week, as was their custom, and they discussed and prayed.

3. And the Spirit of the Lord came upon the disciples and commissioned them to take the good news to the publicans and sinners. They decided to tell the news of Jesus Christ in rock music, for this was the language of the people.

4. Other believers from Auckland (Resurrection) Wellington (Ubiquity) and Christchurch (members of Butler) were invited to journey and join a group in Hastings (Petros) in a gathering of the people.

5. Yea, and the disciples wrote a declaration, to be proclaimed in all the land, and it was worded thus:

6. "The Hastings Easter Festival 1975 presents the First National Jesus Rock Concert to be held on Easter Saturday March 29th at 7.30pm in the Hastings Municipal Theatre. Tickets $2 and $3 available from The First National Jesus Rock Concert, P.O. Box 1375, Hastings."


May 1975

HASTINGS (Rev. W.K.J. McCormack)

Easter Festival proved to be time of rich blessing and fellowship. We had a full and varied programme commencing with combined service 10 a.m. Friday. Concert and Passion Play "Road to Skull Hill" that evening. Saturday, the First National Jesus Rock Concert, Sunday commenced with Communion at sunrise in Frimley Park, usual worship service followed by luncheon in nearby park, and in evening Sweet Rock Opera "Jubilation". Monday at 8.30 a farewell breakfast and short service. These attracted visitors to Hastings and from other churches and it was not until individual reports came through that we began to hear how the Lord touched many during this time and that many young folk heard of the Risen Christ for the first time. Ruth McKenzie and Vivienne Kemp commenced Bible College this year. M.A.L.


July 1975

HASTINGS (Rev. W.K.J. McCormack)

During April we had a visit from the Certain Sounds with Mr Wilbur Wright preaching the sermon. We congratulate "The Sounds" on the terrific response they met throughout the tour. We also had two members of "New Zeal" present at an evening service and congratulate them on the success of their tour overseas. Church families are providing a different "open house" each Sunday afternoon for newcomers and visitors to feel welcome. Robin Walsh and Robin Williams from Theological College assisted at Happy Hours during the holidays where new contacts were made for Sunday School and they also spoke at ladies' coffee hours. We are grateful for their work amongst us. Mr

Wally Hayward was guest preacher one Sunday and our loving sympathy goes out to him as his weeklong ministry among the Maori people was cut short by a family bereavement. M.A.L.


November 1975

HASTINGS (Rev. W.K.J. McCormack)

Our church has commenced an Undershepherd Scheme which will enable members to get to know each other better, and over a period of time all members and adherents will ultimately have had some contact with each other. This should prove very interesting and we Praise God for those who are willing to act as "Undershepherds". 40 of our young people participated in the fast sponsored by World Vision to alleviate World hunger. We extend our sympathy to Mrs. Jean Palmer and family on the passing of her husband. Miss Dorothy Beaven has been with us on leave from Japan for Several weeks and we have been rewarded by her fellowship both in our church and our homes. She has now left us to return to Japan and our prayers go with her. Our Church Day Care centre has commenced under the care of Mrs. Glynn Burtenshaw and we anticipate a busy time ahead for her. No. of baptisms - 7. M.A.L.

N.Z. Baptist Magazine

Since the first days of the church, Hastings Baptist submitted regular summaries of church life and events to the New Zealand Baptist Magazine.  As part of the centenary archive those updates have been collected and reproduced here.  It is a catalogue of people and moments that have shaped the church’s story.