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January 1970

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann).— We welcome Mr and Mrs Jim Patrick to our Church, where, for the next three months. Mr Patrick is having a "busman's" holiday. At the annual meeting several changes were made: Secretary, B. Mitcherson; S.S. superintendent, R. Parrant; deacons, R. Hensman, C. Rawlings and L. Spurdle. Thanks expressed to deacons not seeking re-election, R. Baker. C. Burt. A. Gamman, G. Kenning and L. Stewart. At several services different departments of the Sunday School have sung to us. Miss Joy Smith spoke to a large number at the weekly prayer meeting. Four of our young people, Stephen Beattie, Mark Hensman, June Koia and Karen McLean. were baptised and received into membership at the Communion service which followed. Sympathy on the death of their fathers expressed to Mr R. Shakespeare and Miss Ella Smith. Happiness has come to Mr and Mrs Arthur McKenzie on the birth of their daughter, and to Dawn Bewley on her engagement, and to Garth Burch and Neville Kenning, selected as members of the High School cricket team touring Australia.—M. F. S.


February 1970

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann). —While our minister has his vacation Mr Jim Patrick is conducting our services. The Christmas Day service was very well attended. Opportunity was given to the children to bring toys for distribution overseas. Our choir capably rendered the Christmas cantata "Born a King." We welcome into membership following baptism, Mr and Mrs A. Stephenson and by transfer. Mrs Dickie (Sunshine), Mrs Gibney (Island Bay), and Mr Paul Roberts (Taita). Mr and Mrs Stephenson brought their twins. Joy and Karin, and Mr and Mrs Page brought Garth for dedication. Our sympathy is extended to Mrs J. Church and family on the death of her husband. Congratulations to the three members of the Boys' Brigade, Kevin Deacon, Kevin Osborne and Colin Spurdle, who received the Queen's Badge. Our young people again sang carols at the homes of a number of our church members. The Church Family Christmas social was a great success and much enjoyed by young and old. —M. F. S.


March 1970

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann).— We welcome back our minister and his family from their holiday. Mr Jim Patrick has been kept busy with ministerial duties and has visited most of the Church homes in his short stay with us. Opportunity to farewell him and Mrs Patrick was made at an after-church social hour and Jim spoke of the work at the Baptist College, his experiences among us, and their appreciation of the flat (and swimming pool) made available by Mr and Mrs Les Mardon. Also at this meeting Miss Jocelyn Mardon showed slides and spoke of the Youth For Christ Teen Team who recently visited the Philippines. We were interested to hear Mr Lester Simpson speak of his call to the ministry and we wish him and Rae (nee Wallace) God's blessing as he undertakes his first pastorate in Southland. At a recent service Mr and Mrs Arthur McKenzie brought Gillian for dedication.—M. F. S.


April 1970

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann).— Our minister was one of nine invited to participate in a five days' training course in religious broadcasting in Wellington, the men coming from all parts of New Zealand and from seven denominations. We welcome Rev. Hugh Nees as our guest speaker at a recent service. A special training for service programme is being incorporated into the usual mid-week prayer meeting over the next few weeks. We express our sympathy to Mr Harry Kemp and the members of the family on the passing of Mrs Kemp who had been associated with our Church for nearly sixty years. At the quarterly meeting to new deacons were appointed. Messrs. J. Cotton and J. H. Scougall. We welcome into membership Mr Duke Maddox, and on transfer, Mr and Mrs Colin Cottrell and Mrs Joan Cartwright. The marriage of Dawn Bewley to Bill Walker was held in our Church. They will be living in Wairoa. The annual Church picnic was held in good weather at the Pukehamoamoa School.—M. F. S.


May 1970

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann).— On Good Friday we held a combined service in the Methodist Church, our minister taking the sermon. We are praying especially for the Self-denial Appeal in April, the Faithfinder Film Crusade to be held in May, and the Sunday School started in the new area of Flaxmere. A Ropeholders' Band has been re-formed and is meeting monthly during the morning Church service. Members of the adult department led our service recently, the preacher being Mr H. Beckett. We thank the Girls' Brigade for arranging our harvest display so effectively. A sale of the produce was held the following day the proceeds helping our B.W.M.U. funds. Sympathy is extended to Mr A. Stephenson on the passing of his father. Best wishes to Robyn Bewley and Brian Kenning on their engagement. A number of our young people and Maori Bible Class members attended Easter camps at Napier and Ngaruawhia. Reports were made at an evening service.— M. F. S.


June 1970

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann) —Guest speakers at services or meetings have been Rev. P. G. Buchanan, Mrs M. J. Eade and Messrs J. O. Sanders, Brian Yuile and L. K. Fear. We were privileged to have Bishop Chandu Ray speak at a youth rally in the morning and at a combined Church service in the Anglican Church at night. At a recent morning service four of our young people, Jenny Cotton, Ken Youngson, Stephen Hodson, and Graeme Hewitt, confessed their faith by baptism. Mr and Mrs Neil Donaldson brought wee Lynda for dedication. Members of both the Girls' and Boys' Brigades paraded for their annual enrolment service. We regret the resignation of Mrs E. Bennison who has done great work over the last four and a half years as choir mistress and organist. We are sorry to farewell Mrs O. McEwan and family who have moved to Wellington. The ladies' friendly hour mystery bus trip, with lunch in the sunshine on the beach at Napier, was enjoyed by all.—M. F. S.


July 1970

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann).— The Faithfinder Film Crusade conducted by Mr George Curle was the highlight for the month. The meetings were well attended for the whole of the two weeks. For the winter months our evening services are again to be held at four-thirty, having proved successful in past years. Congratulations to Mr Graeme Hewitt on the announcement of his engagement. After a very long period in hospital, one of our older members, Mr Phil Thetford, passed to his reward. Our sympathy is extended to his loved ones. Our prayers are with Mrs L. Graham, Mrs Schofield and Mr A. Morgan who are in hospital. A trip to Auckland during the first week of the May holidays was a great experience for the boys of the Boys' Brigade. Over sixty members of the Maori Bible Class attended a weekend camp at Tuki Tuki where Mr Morphy Graham was the speaker.— M. F. S.


August 1970

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann).— Rev. Bruce Albiston conducted a leadership course and was also guest preacher at a morning service. A church parade of the Girls' Brigade was held when enrolment cards were presented. Mrs Ruth Sweatman has graciously accepted the position of choir mistress for the meantime. We welcome into membership Mr and Mrs J. Giffin on transfer, and Jenny Cotton, Ken Youngson and Stephen Hodson, following their recent baptism. Congratulations and best wishes to Ralph Palmer on his marriage to Linda Williams, and to Janice McAlpine on her engagement to Douglas Martin. The staff of the Sunday School organised a fair which resulted in $337 being added to the new building project. Members of the Girls' and Boys' Brigades had an enjoyable weekend at Mount Ruapehu. We remember all our sick folk in hospital or at home, especially Lauraine Sell in hospital in Dunedin.—M. F. S.


September 1970

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann).— Several of our services over the past month have been conducted by different organisations in the Church, young people's department (Mr Chris Mardon preaching), Church officers (Mr B. Mitcherson), and young marrieds (Mr Harvey Price). Rev. Edward Mills was a visiting speaker at a service and at several meetings. A family tea was held after a service and an interesting film strip shown. Baptisms—Mrs R. Sullivan, Malcolm Burns and Andrew Gamman. We welcome into membership Mr Graeme Hewitt following his recent baptism and Mr and Mrs R. J. Thomas on transfer. Mr and Mrs G. Caves. Mr and Mrs M. Herries and Mr and Mrs S. Holmes brought their small sons for dedication. Sympathy is extended to Messrs G. Wallace, D. Kilgour, Mrs M. Talbot and Mrs E. Eliot who have each lost a loved one. Best wishes to Miss Robin Caves on her engagement to Mr Graeme Reece. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs David Beckett on the birth of a daughter.—M. F. S.


October 1970

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann).— We were indebted to Rev. Max Atienza and Paul Mortiz from the Philippines for conducting a week's crusade. Other guest preachers have been Dr Dion Warren from Nigeria, Mrs Desmond Smith, representing the Bible Society of New Zealand, and Messrs C. Cottrell and R. Parrant of our own Church who preached in our pastor's absence during the holiday period. Our deepest sympathy is extended to Mr Horace Paynter and Miss M. Sowersby on the Homecall of a wife and sister after a long illness, and to others who have suffered recent bereavements. Mr J. Thorp (brother), Mrs D. Maddox (brother) and Mrs Joan Cartwright (mother). We welcome John McLean into membership. Congratulations to Kevin Deacon. Kevin Osborne and Colin Spurdle of the Boys' Brigade who received their Queen's Badge certificates from the Governor-General at Government House. Wellington. We welcome home from the mission field. Miss Kath Tate (Lebanon) and Miss Muriel Taylor (Brazil), also Mr and Mrs C. Burt and Miss Elsie Leipst from overseas trips.—M. F. S.


November 1970

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann) Guest speakers at special week-night meetings were Rev. B. T. Delaney of the Leprosy Mission and Rev. Bankov of the Underground Evangelism Mission. The Sunday School Musical Festival was held at both services on two consecutive Sundays when different departments sang and took part in the service. We welcome into membership Malcolm Burns following baptism, and Miss Marilyn Mellring on transfer. Our sympathy is extended to Mr. and Mrs. G. Knight in the sad loss of their baby son. It is good to have Mesdames Graham and Cotton worshipping with us again after a long spell in hospital and others who have also been on the sick list. The Youth Department organised a fashion parade with items and supper, in aid of their Mission Funds. (M.F.S.)

N.Z. Baptist Magazine

Since the first days of the church, Hastings Baptist submitted regular summaries of church life and events to the New Zealand Baptist Magazine.  As part of the centenary archive those updates have been collected and reproduced here.  It is a catalogue of people and moments that have shaped the church’s story.