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January 1969

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann).— At our annual meeting Mr Brian Mitcherson, was elected as A.A.S.S. Superintendent and Messrs R. Cowan, N. McLean, E. Peden and G. Wallace to the Diaconate. We heard interesting reports of Assembly both at the church service and prayer meeting. We were privileged to have as our preacher the Hon. L. Adams-Schneider. Members of the Rose Society paraded one Sunday evening, the church being appropriately decorated with beautiful roses. Our sympathy goes to the family of Mr A. Price who has passed on after a lengthy illness. We welcome into our membership Mrs McLeod on transfer from Upper Hutt. Miss K. Rolston has been transferred to Masterton. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs D. Kilgour on the birth of another daughter. Best wishes on their engagements to Miss Rosalie Baker to Mr Ross Dunn of Wellington and to Miss Pam Burt to Mr Robert Imlach of Auckland— M. F. S.


March 1969

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann).— We welcome our minister and his family back from their holiday. We are indebted to all who conducted our services over this period. Great interest has been shown in the Christian Life and Witness classes and we trust that each will receive added blessing from these studies. The Christian Businessmen's Association have arranged, as a pre-crusade effort, a Drive-in Theatre where, for five weeks, challenging films are being screened after the church services. A second child has arrived in three of our church homes. We rejoice with the parents: Mr and Mrs R. Cowan (son), Mr and Mrs J. Paynter (son) and Mr and Mrs W. Potts (daughter). Congratulations to all who have been successful in their examinations. Again this year several of our young people leave us for the larger cities and we pray that they may be a witness for their Lord at all times in their new way of life away from their homes.— M. F. S.


April 1969

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann).— The long-awaited Billy Graham Crusade is now over. To each of us this has been a definite challenge for prayer and planning and we feel sure that most will have received the blessing of a deeper spiritual understanding through the message head on the landline links, radio or television. We rejoice with Misses Karn Thompson and Manu Maru who recently followed their Lord through the waters of baptism. A service of dedication of S.S. teachers was held. A warm welcome was given to Miss Dorothy Beavan, our missionary from Japan, when she gave an inspiring message at the mid-week meeting. The Ladies' Friendly Hour had a happy outing in the form of a mystery bus trip. A number of people have recently moved into this district and it is encouraging to have them worshipping with us each week.—M. F. S.


May 1969

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann).— Our minister attended the Marton Easter Camp and about twenty-eight from the young people's department journeyed to Gisborne while a similar number from our Maori Bible Class attended a camp at Rotorua. Mr C. Rawlings conducted our Good Friday service when our Methodist friends joined us and their minister gave the address. Other guest speakers during the month were Rev. Ian Brown. Rev. Bruce Stewart and Rev. B. N. Eade. Members of the missionary groups formed the choir and took part in the service at the conclusion of their special witness week. Members of the Boys' Brigade attended evening worship for their annual enrolment service. At an after-church gathering we farwelled Miss Dorothy Beavan who is returning to missionary work in Japan. We welcomed into membership Dr and Mrs Lienert on transfer from Hanover Street, Dunedin, and Mr and Mrs Parrant from Raumati, and Miss Karen Thompson following her recent baptism. Congratulations to Dr and Mrs Lienert on the birth of their wee daughter.—M. F. S.


June 1969

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann).— Following Easter we held a youth service when reports were brought from the various camps attended and our youth choir, now under the conductorship of Mrs Ruth Sweatman, also taking part. At an impressive service five of our young people were baptised Carol Koia, Christine Long, Claire Parrant, Gillian Peters and Neville Kenning. The first of our afternoon services, which have now recommenced for the winter months, was followed by a family tea, the showing of missionary slides and a sing-song. We have welcomed Miss Manu Maru into membership following her recent baptism. Allan Cowan and Kimberly Potts were brought by their parents in an act of dedication. Our good wishes to Miss Rosalie Baker on her marriage to Mr Ross Dunn of Wellington, and to Miss Janet Growden on her recent engagement. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs T. Kelliher on the birth of their second son.—M. F. S.


July 1969

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann).— Again this year a Church fair was held when the sum of $450 was raised towards our new class-room block. This project is to be built mainly by voluntary labour and a good start has already been made. At a recent service Peter Hewitt and John McLean confessed their faith in Christ by baptism. We enjoyed the message brought to us by the teen team from America in our morning service. The resignation of our secretary, Mr Neil Donaldson, was received with great regret. We welcome into membership Peter Hewitt, Neville Kenning, Carol Koia, Christine Long and Claire Parrant following their recent baptism. Our sympathy is extended to Mrs J. Bell and family on the death of a husband and father. Over forty people connected with our Maori Bible Class had an enjoyable weekend camp at Tuki Tuki.—M. F. S.


August 1969

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann).— Our minister conducted a service at Waipawa for members of Central Hawke's Bay Baptist Fellowship, our youth choir assisting. Mr Morphy Graham was our visiting speaker at an evangelistic service, our Maori Bible Class forming the choir. Other guest speakers have been Rev. Ridland Jamieson at the Bible Classes missionary rally, and Mr Harvey Price. Our Church was host to visiting Bible Classes for their special week. We welcome into membership Mrs Rabbidge (Whakatane) and Gillian Peters. The B.W.M.U. arranged a social evening with musical items and Mrs R. Fursdon speaking. Senior citizens of our Church were guests of the young people for a Sunday afternoon drive followed by afternoon tea before attending the 4.30 service. Officers and senior boys of the Boys' Brigade had an exciting weekend at Mt Ruapehu when it erupted. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs M. Clapperton on the birth of their son and to Mr and Mrs D. Summers, a second daughter.— M. F. S.


Hastings Maori Bible Class Camp

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Forty young people from the Maori Bible Class under the leadership of Sister Mere Pou, enjoyed a weekend of fun, fellowship, and study. The Presbyterian Bible Class Camp site by the Tuki Tuki River, with its excellent facilities, proved ideal for barbecues, rousing chorus singing, study groups, and tramps across lovely countryside. The large hall with open fireplace and adjacent kitchen, gave plenty of scope for a variety of programme planning.

Maurice Clapperton taught and challenged the young people with his simple, clear cut messages, and aroused their enthusiasm with his guitar accompaniment to choruses and hymns. Although it was May, and cold weather to be expected, one could not have wished for better or warmer temperatures, even in the middle of summer.

There was food aplenty, and thanks to Mesdames Alice Moon and Marie Puaha of Wanganui, deliciously prepared. Napier young people took the Sunday night service and several went forward in response to the appeal. The spirit of Fellowship amongst the group as a whole is much richer for having shared and been a part God's family in the closer relationship of camp life. The supreme happiness of life is the conviction of being loved for yourself, or, more correctly, being loved in spite of yourself.—Hugo.


September 1969

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann).— Our Church was packed when Dr. Richard Wurmbrand, a Rumanian Lutheran Pastor, spoke of his experiences in a Communist prison, at a public mid-week meeting arranged by the Christian Business Men's Association. Mrs Wurmbrand gave an interesting talk at a Ladies' Friendly Hour meeting. Mr and Mrs Stephenson confessed their faith in Christ by baptism. It is good to see Miss Kath Tate home for a short holiday from her work in Lebanon. We were saddened at the death of Mr George Hastings and extend our loving sympathy to Mrs Hastings and the family. An invitation was sent to the more isolated Baptists from rural districts to attend an afternoon communion service followed by tea. It was a happy occasion when two of our own young members were married, and we wish Yvonne Bewley and Peter Hewitt every happiness as they settle in their new home.—M.F.S.


October 1969

About 60 Maori children meet on Mondays at 7 p.m. in our Hastings Church.


HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann,).— The highlight for the month was the all-day conference held on Sunday, 31. Thanks to Rev. Trevor Fear, Rev. T. W. Cadman and Mr W. J. Lennon, who took the specialised subjects. A questionnaire was issued and summarised the following Tuesday evening by Mr Fear. Other speakers have been Rev. B. Albiston, Mrs R. Hensman, Messrs. K. Fear, B. Mitcherson, C. Cottrell, and David Spurdle with a team from the Ardmore Teachers' Training College. A mid-week meeting took the form of a panel discussion with visiting speakers. The ladies' friendly hour committee arranged an enjoyable concert. Flowers and good wishes were sent to Mr and Mrs Horace Paynter on the occasion of their golden wedding anniversary. Congratulations to Pam Burt on her marriage to Robert Imlach and to Mr and Mrs Harvey Price on the gift of their chosen daughter. The Ardmore Christian Fellowship and helpers conducted a very successful happy hour week in the district in the school holidays.— M. F. S.


November 1969

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann).— The four-thirty services held over the winter months were well attended but we have now reverted to seven o'clock. Our prayers go with Miss Kath Tate who has returned to Lebanon. Miss Anne Walker of O.M.F. spoke of her work at a morning service. We will miss Mrs P. W. Lascelles, who, after a period in hospital, has gone to Rotorua to live with her daughter. We were saddened at the sudden death of Mrs Olive Forster who had been a member for forty-three years and offer our sincere sympathy to her family. Sympathy was also extended to Mrs A. Ferguson on the death of her father and to Mrs Hugh Smith and family on the death of Mr Smith. Dr and Mrs Lienert and Mr and Mrs H. Price brought their wee daughters for dedication. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs A. Stephenson on the arrival of twin daughters. The members of the Girls' Brigade held a successful weekend camp at Pukahu recently.— M. F. S.


December 1969

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann).— Guest speakers were Rev. Hugh Nees, Messrs. D. Oatridge, L. K. Fear, R. Parrant, M. Flavel and L. Twyman. The last two mentioned also showed slides and spoke of the work of M.A.F. The missionary film, "The Paul Carlson Story," was screened at an evening service. We were saddened by the death of Mrs P. W. Lascelles in Rotorua and of Pauline Cudby, a member of our young people's department and Girls' Brigade, who was killed in a motor accident. To their relatives and to Mr Jim Sweatman who has lost his father, and to Mrs George Wallace (a brother) we offer our sincere sympathy. We rejoice on the birth of little ones to Mr and Mrs Neil Donaldson (daughter), Mr and Mrs Tony Page (son), and Mr and Mrs Ian McAleese (daughter). Congratulations to Mrs Ruth Sweatman on attaining her A.T.C.L. in music and to Mr Arthur McKenzie on completing his surveyor's examinations. Jocelyn Mardon and other members of the Youth-for- Christ team took part in a service prior to their trip to the Philippines. —M. F. S.

N.Z. Baptist Magazine

Since the first days of the church, Hastings Baptist submitted regular summaries of church life and events to the New Zealand Baptist Magazine.  As part of the centenary archive those updates have been collected and reproduced here.  It is a catalogue of people and moments that have shaped the church’s story.