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January 1967

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann, L.Th.).—We are indebted to Messrs B. Mitcherson and R. Baker for their message in the absence of our minister at Assembly; also to the members of the Gideons International who took the evening service recently. Our minister and delegates gave interesting reports on Assembly both from the pulpit and at the prayer meeting. At our annual meeting Mr Neil Donaldson was appointed secretary on the resignation of Mr G. Kenning. Deacons appointed were: Messrs R. Baker, A. Gamman, G. Kenning and R. L. Stewart. We welcome into membership Mrs J. Burch, Warren and Larry Burch, John and David Spurdle who were all baptised recently, and Miss Laurraine Sell. Our sympathy is extended to the family of Mr Charles Higgs who passed away after a membership of 55 years. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs B. Stanton on the birth of another son. Our best wishes to the happy couples who have announced their engagements: Marjorie Bewley to Carl Jamieson, Carol Duggan to John Bunce and Carol Sawyer to Colin. Wilson.—M. F. S.


February 1967

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann, L.Th.).—Our choir gave a creditable rendering of the cantata "Bethlehem's Babe" at a morning service and travelled to Dannevirke the same day to present it to our sister church there. We joined with other churches for carol singing in the Municipal Theatre followed by a Christmas pageant. Our young people sang carols at many of our church homes and on Christmas morning opportunity was given for the children to take forward one of their toys for more unfortunate ones overseas. Quite a good number of parents and friends attended the annual presentations of awards for our Brigades. A book presentation was made to Mr Spurdle on the completion of 21 years as Captain of the Boys' Brigade. A church family picnic took the form of a car rally with destination unknown to all except the organisers and although some took many wrong turnings we finally had a happy time together. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Rowntree on the occasion of their golden wedding, and to Christine Hodson on her engagement.—M. F. S.


March 1967

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann, L.Th.).—We welcome home our minister and his family from their holiday. We are indebted to Messrs W. Collins, B. Doig, K. Fear, R. Hamilton and J. Thorp for conducting services over the holiday period. We farewelled two of our young ladies who have left for training in Auckland, Misses Pamela Rowlands (W.E.C.) and Lauraine Sell (B.T.I.). Mr and Mrs Jack Braithwaite have left for Fiji where he has a teaching appointment for two years. We are pleased to see Mrs Lascelles back from visiting her daughter in Canada. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Maurice Clapperton on the birth of their daughter, and to Miss Carol Gamman on her engagement to Mr Ian McAleese. Our best wishes to Miss Christine Hodson on her marriage to Mr Ian Patey. Congratulations to all who passed the recent school examinations.— M. F. S.


April 1967

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann, L.Th.).—At a recent service, two baby boys, Brent Stanton and Peter Fowler, were brought by their parents for dedication. Mr Ken Nobbs showed slides of the work of the Missionary Aviation Fellowship at an after-church fellowship hour. At a members' meeting Mr Ernest Peden was elected to the diaconate. We received with regret the resignation of Mr J. H. Paynter after many years' service as a deacon. Mr Harold Morton has resigned as leader-in-charge of the Life Boy team after thirty years of faithful service, first in Scotland and then for seventeen years in Hastings, Mr Rae Hensman has been appointed to the position. The annual church and Sunday School picnic was held at Te Awanga Beach. Our thoughts and prayers are for those laid aside by sickness.— M. F. S.


May 1967

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann, L.Th.).—Our minister, together with sixteen young people and leaders, attended the Gisborne Easter camp. Highlights and musical items were brought to us from the pulpit the following Sunday at which service Rev. B. N. Eade was the speaker. It was a joy to have Rev. N. R. Wood and Mrs Wood with us over the Easter period with Mr Wood taking the Good Friday and Easter Day services in Mr Macann's absence. Our Harvest Festival was a service of thanksgiving for all God's wonderful gifts to us. The display this year was arranged by the Homemakers and the proceeds from the sale of goods went to the youth hostel at Palmerston North. Our sympathy is extended to Dr Velvin and family on the tragic loss of a wife and mother. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Ron Chaplow on the birth of their son. Best wishes to Miss Carolyn Bewley whose engagement is announced; also to Mr Alan Foster. Our Life Boy team has paraded.—M. F. S.


June 1967

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann, L.Th.).—To mark the conclusion of witness week, B.W.M.U. members paraded and took part in the service, many being dressed in colourful saris. Their shop day raised £110. We welcomed the president of the union, Mr Keith Edridge, and Mrs Edridge to a recent service. Our prayers go with Miss Kath Tate as she returns to the work she loves at Lebanon. Members of the Girls' and Boys' Brigades paraded at a youth service. Mr Macann surprised us all when he produced "The Ranfurly Shield" in the pulpit and incorporated it into his address. Best wishes on their marriages to Miss Marjorie Bewley, now Mrs Carl Jamieson, and to Miss Jocelyn Morgan, now Mrs Bob Alexander. Mr and Mrs Maurice Clapperton brought their baby daughter for dedication. We welcome into membership, Mr and Mrs D. MacLeod on transfer from Otumoetai, Tauranga. Thirty-six of our young people had an enjoyable but strenuous trip to Cape Kidnappers on Anzac Day.—M. F. S.


July 1967

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann).— Special meetings were held in Home and Family Week. Members of the Red Cross paraded at a morning service. Mrs Heather Summers. Miss Linda Calder and Mr Wrey Doreen witnessed to their Lord through the waters of baptism. Mr Noel Gibson showed slides after Church on his work of missionary broadcasting in India. At a recent members' meeting Mr N. Williams was elected to the diaconate. 30 of our young people had an enjoyable eight days in Hamilton and Auckland. On their return one of their number, Mr Chris Marden, took the address and others told us of some of their experiences while away.


August 1967

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann, L.Th).—Studies on the Letter to the Ephesians were taken by Rev. G. Lloyd Crawford in our special Bible week. We welcomed Rev. Ridland Jamieson to our pulpit and the S.S. teachers' meeting which followed. Miss Kath Tate has been specially in our thoughts and prayers having been evacuated from Lebanon just after her return to her work there. One of our older members, Mrs Ralph Barley, has passed away. We offer our sympathy to her family and to the Rosandich family on the death of their father. We welcomed into membership Mrs Heather Summers and Miss Lina Calder (following baptism) and Misses Kay Brock and Dorothy Armand (on transfer). Our youth hall was packed for an after-church rally arranged by the Youth for Christ to hear the Maori Evangelist, Muri Thompson. Our Girls' Brigade paraded on a recent Sunday morning marking the end of their special week. We thank Messrs K. Fear, D. Youngson and N. Donaldson for taking our services at short notice when our minister was indisposed. We offer our best wishes on their marriage to Carol Duggan and John Bunce and to Carolyn Bewley (now Mrs Terry Kelliher) and Carol Sawyer (now Mrs Colin Wilson). We congratulate David Beckett and David Bell on their recent engagements.—M.F.S.


September 1967

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann, L.Th.).—The British and Foreign Bible Society Film "This is the Vision" and the Fact and Faith Film, "Signposts Aloft," have been screened at evening services. An encouraging number applied for instruction in a lay preachers' class. Mr Norman McIntosh of O.M.F. spoke at a mid-week meeting. On a recent Sunday morning our Bible Classes exchanged with Napier young people who sang and assisted in the service. Palmerston North young people were our guests for Bible Class weekend and were joined by Napier and Gisborne for the afternoon missionary service in our church. Sympathy is extended to Mr Roland Wong and family on the death of his father. We welcome back from Christchurch and also congratulate Miss Beverley McEwan on her success in her maternity nursing examination. Mr and Mrs Presard and family have returned to their home in Fiji after an extended holiday here.—M. F. S.


October 1967

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann).— We thank Rev. P. A. C. Peters of Te Hapara (on pulpit exchange with our minister), Rev. Hugh Nees, and Mr R. Hamilton for their messages from our pulpit. The Billy Graham film "World's Fair Encounter" was screened at an evening service. At an after-church fellowship hour we heard Mr Ernest Lloyd of the International Jews Society. Some of our young people attended the Youth for Christ House Party when Redd Harper was guest speaker. Mr Harper also spoke at an after-church rally in our Church. The young people recently conducted the service at the Taradale Fellowship, The Dominion President. Mrs Gardiner, spoke to the B.W.M.U. Our sympathy is extended to Mr Fred Hawkes on the loss of his mother. Litttle Andrew Chaplow and Robyn O'Neill were brought by their parents for dedication. Congratulations to Mr Alan Foster and Miss Mary Somerfield on their marriage and to Mr and Mrs Summers on the birth of their daughter—M. F. S.


November 1967

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann).— The combined N.C.C. service was held in our church followed by the screening of the film "The Long March." At a recent service Mrs Wilson, Robyn and Trixie Bewley, and Chris Mardon were baptised. These four have since been received into membership, together with Mr and Mrs John Unwin (Dannevirke), Mr and Mrs Callister (Island Bay), and Mr and Mrs Lowe. Mr and Mrs A. Allred have left us for Palmerston North. We follow with prayerful interest. Miss Pamela Rowlands, who has undertaken missionary service with the W.E.C. in Brazil. Mr Ivor Davies, the New Zealand secretary of the mission, gave us an interesting talk on this work at an afterchurch fellowship hour when we farewelled Pamela. Mr and Mrs S. Holmes and Mr and Mrs M. Herries brought their infants for dedication. Rev. Peter McNee spoke to the prayer meeting. Sympathy is extended to Mrs C. Bewley and Mrs L. Mitchell on the passing of their mother.—M. F. S.


December 1967

HASTINGS (Rev. G. T. Macann, L.Th.). In our minister's absence at Assembly, services were conducted by Messrs A. Gamman and M. Clapperton. Visiting speakers were Dr Ray Windsor (Bible and Medical Missionary Fellowship) and Mr Karkhon Sarker (Chandpur). The films "Fire in the Heather" and "Man in the Fifth Dimension" have been screened. Our members supported the Missionary Exhibition held in the city. Sympathy to Miss E. Leipst on the death of her father. Mr and Mrs Summers brought wee Karen for dedicating. Best wishes on their marriage to Jill Croucher and Roger Thomas and to Carol Gamman and Ian McAleese. Congratulations to Brian Martin on his engagement; Members of the Girls' Brigade received their awards at an enjoyable evening. The Boys' Brigade East Coast drill and uniform inspection competition resulted in Hastings winning both shields. Mr Hugh Nicol, Brigade field supervisor, addressed the Founder's Day service and presented the Duke of Edinburgh silver award to Sergeant Brian Kenning.—M.F.S.

N.Z. Baptist Magazine

Since the first days of the church, Hastings Baptist submitted regular summaries of church life and events to the New Zealand Baptist Magazine.  As part of the centenary archive those updates have been collected and reproduced here.  It is a catalogue of people and moments that have shaped the church’s story.