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January 1964

HASTINGS (Rev. D. C. Rogers).—Our minister is conducting a series of addresses under the title "Jesus interprets the Ten Commandments for the 20th Century." Assembly reports presented by delegates and the showing of slides gave a new aspect on the work done. At annual meeting, now held in November, all retiring deacons re-elected. End-of year functions are under way. G.L.B. and Cadets held combined evening when work was displayed and awards presented. The Boys' Brigade gave a creditable performance at their break-up, extra officers during the year being a real blessing. Ladies' Friendly Hour held an enjoyable Christmas party when elderly folk were guests. Mr and Mrs Graeme Fear and Mr and Mrs John Fear recently brought their baby daughters to be dedicated and Mr and Mrs Denis Kilgour their wee son. Sympathy is extended to Mrs Hickmott on the loss of her husband. We pray that God's hand of healing may be upon our sick ones, especially John Taylor in hospital in Dunedin.—M F. S.


February 1964

HASTINGS (Rev. D. C. Rogers).—An impressive Combined Churches carol service of about 4,000 people was held, when the Bishop of Nelson, Right Rev. F. O. Hulme-Moir was the speaker and our own Minister was the song leader. Four of our young girls, Carolyn Bewley. Colleen Clark, Ruth Davidson and Carol Gamman witnessed to their Lord in the waters of baptism. Christmas Day service was well attended also a Watch-night service on New Year's Eve when the Methodist Churches joined us. Congratulations to Mr John Paynter on his success at the horticulture examinations. Life Boy team finished activities for year with a picnic, parents' night and church parade. We rejoice to see so many visitors to our services over the holiday period and to have some of our previously ill folk worshipping with us again. We remember in prayer those still confined to bed at home or hospital.


March 1964

HASTINGS (Rev. D. C. Rogers).—Our thanks to Rev. J. J. Burt, Messrs N. R. Williams, G. Wallace. G. Fear, B. Mitcherson and members of the Youth Department who conducted services during our minister's absence on holiday. Prior to the re-opening of All-age S.S. a full day retreat was held for leaders and teachers where interesting lectures and discussions were held and plans made for the year's activities. The new church building is now taking shape and great interest is being taken in its progress week by week. Our talent scheme launched last August has to date added £524 to the new church fund. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Anthony Bewley on the birth of a second daughter, and to Mr and Mrs Bryan Bisley and Mr and Mrs Barrie Price, second sons. We prayerfully remember all our sick and aged friends. —M. F. S.


April 1964

Sister Joan Tucker, at present at Hastings, has accepted an invitation to serve as deaconess in the Auckland Tabernacle

HASTINGS (Rev. D. C. Rogers).—We were happy to have Mr Derek Christensen conduct our morning service recently on his way to the Baptist College. We pray God's blessing upon him as he commences his studies there. Looking forward to opening our new Sanctuary on May 9. Mr Charles; Rawlings, devoted church secretary for many years, resigned to take up Christian work in Fiji. We wish him and his family all the best in this new venture. Mr Gibson Kenning was appointed new secretary. Baptisms: Mr and Mrs D. Hanna and daughter, Elizabeth, Messrs W. Potts and S. Skilleter. New members: Mr and Mrs J. McKean (Kaikohe) and Mr P. Salt (Upper Hutt) on transfer, Mr and Mrs D. Hanna, Misses Elizabeth Hanna, Carolyn Bewley, Carol Gamman, Dawn Alien and Mr W. Potts on profession of faith. Mr and Mrs J. Stewart and Mr and Mrs B. Price brought their wee sons for dedication. Prayers for Miss Kath Tate (Lebanon) involved in a serious accident and all sick folk.—M. F. S.


Hastings Baptists Extend Warm Invitation

To all interested friends to join in the opening of the new church on Saturday, May 9th, at 2 p.m.
Special weekend programme.
Hospitality can be arranged on advising the Church Secretary, Mr G. A. Kenning, 1101 Caroline Road.


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Baptist College Students

Left to right: D. R. Christensen, Miss H. Bradfield, R. F. Millichamp, Miss J. S. McKee, E. A. Maindonald,
Miss J. E. McCallum, F. W. Barker.


May 1964

HASTINGS (Rev. D. C. Rogers).—Our minister addressed a combined service at the Methodist Church on Good Friday. Special Communion service held on Thursday prior to Easter. Easter services well attended. Some of our young people attended camp at Gisborne. Harvest Thanksgiving services were held when gifts of produce were displayed and a thank offering received. The Ladies' Friendly Hour enjoyed a day of sunshine at Clifton Beach. Church picnic at Eskdale was somewhat spoiled by the weather. Deepest sympathy is extended to the family of Mr Fred. Hall on his sudden "Home-call". Baptism: Miss Gloria Taylor. New member: Miss Colleen Clark. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Bruce Fowler on the birth of a son, and to Miss Beverly McEwan on receiving her Nursing medal. Little Helen Cotton and Angela van Groen were brought for dedication. Farewells to Mr and Mrs R. A. Taylor and Gloria, leaving for Auckland City Mission, and Miss Pam Rowlands leaving to train at the Bible Training Institute, Australia.—M. F. S.


June 1964

HASTINGS (Rev. D. C. Rogers).—We are pleased that Mrs Rogers is making good progress after her recent illness. Women's missionary groups paraded and took part in a recent Sunday morning service. Sister Joan Tucker being the sneaker. The Dominion President of the B.W.M.U., Mrs J. Browning spoke to Napier and Hastings ladies on their day of prayer, also to a combined gathering of our own missionary groups. Men-folk were guests of the Boys' Brigade when Mr Bill Davis, an old boy, spoke of his experiences with the All Blacks on tour. The Brigade paraded one evening for the annual enrolment service. We welcome into membership on transfer Mr and Mrs P. Thetford (Napier) and Miss E. Smith (Karori). Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Graham Stewart on the birth of a son. Mr and Mrs Anthony Bewley brought their new daughter for dedication. Our thoughts and prayers are with all our sick and aged friends.—M. F. S.


July 1964

HASTINGS (Rev. D. C. Rogers).—A large number met after church to farewell our deaconess, Sister Joan Tucker. We wish her every blessing in her new work at the Auckland Tabernacle. Rev. V. Johnston of Levin was guest preacher recently. Team of Auckland Maoris conducted service of testimony and song. We welcome home Miss Kath Tate on furlough from the mission field. Other missionary visitors were Rev. Brian Smith and Misses Dorothy Bevan and Ann Walker. Mr L. Stewart elected to diaconate. Miss Mary Pou welcomed into membership. We congratulate Mr and Mrs Laurie Mount on the birth of a son. Best wishes to Miss Rae Wallace on her marriage to Mr Lester Simpson. Our sympathy to Mrs D. Rattray on the passing of a brother and Mrs T. Hudson who has lost her father. Congratulations to Dr E. Velvin nominated as District Governor for Rotary and to Mr R. Shakespeare appointed assistant manager for the Tokyo games.—M. F. S.


August 1964

Rev. Derek Rogers has resigned from the pastorate of the Hastings Church to return to England for a period. Mr and Mrs Rogers and Douglas sail in mid-September.


HASTINGS (Rev. D. C. Rogers).—Our new sanctuary was opened and dedicated to the Glory of God. (Report elsewhere.) An impressive final service in the "Old Church" closed with Communion. Guest speakers recently have been Revs. F. Reddell, C. B. Boggis and T. Cadman. We received with regret our minister's resignation as from the middle of September when he, his wife and Douglas will sail for Great Britain. Mr R. A. Taylor spoke and showed slides of the work at the Rescue Mission hostel in Auckland. G.L.B. and Cadets paraded in G.L.B. week. We record the marriage of Miss Yvonne Jeffs to Mr Michael Finnimore, the birth of a daughter to Mr and Mrs Gordon Le Couteur, and the engagement of Miss Anne Morton to Mr Tony Page. Our best wishes and congratulations to each. Mr and Mrs Bruce Fowler brought baby Michael for dedication. We have been pleased to see so many former members and other visitors in our midst.—M. F. S.


September 1964

Rev. G. T. Macann of Sunshine, Dunedin, has accepted a call to the Hastings Church


HASTINGS (Rev. D. C. Rogers).—We rejoice that Rev. G. T. Macann has accepted the call to our pastorate and that our church will not be long without a minister. Our first baptismal service using our new raised baptistry was very impressive, six candidates witnessing to their Lord, each giving their testimony in word or song. They were Miss Valda Beattie, Mesdames J. Calder, M. Lawton, E. Buchanan, Miss Janice Taylor and Mr John Paynter. Miss Dorothy Bevan showed slides and spoke of her experiences in Japan at several gatherings. The Boys' Brigade paraded and their officers conducted an evening service followed by an after-hour when the film "Born to Witness" was screened. Bible Class members assisted at services during their special week. Shareholders were hostesses at an enjoyable church dinner and evening entertainment. Our sympathy to Mrs G. Henderson on the loss of her mother and to Mrs H. Scougall and Mr Short who have lost their fathers.—M. F. S.


October 1964

HASTINGS (Rev. D. C. Rogers).—Our sincere sympathy goes to Mrs Rogers in the loss of her father in England. A special family service was held in place of the usual Sunday School, the church being filled to capacity. Until the arrival of our new minister our services are to be conducted by Dr Anderson, a Baptist minister from America. At recent services Mr and Mrs L. Mount brought Charles, Mr and Mrs Wharrie brought Linda and Andrew and Mr and Mrs Hinder brought their five children for dedication. We rejoice with Mr and Mrs Terry Fowler on the birth of a wee son. Congratulations to Miss Mavis Mardon on her success with Teacher Training examinations; to our Boys' Brigade company on winning the East Coast Drill and Uniform Inspection shields. A parade of local companies of the Girls' Life Brigade was held on a Sunday afternoon and a Mother and Daughter evening in place of their usual parade. —M. F. S.


November 1964

HASTINGS (Minister-elect, Rev. G. T. Macann).—Rev. and Mrs Rogers and Douglas were farewelled at an after-church gathering and presentations made to each. On the previous Sunday eleven candidates witnessed in Waters of Baptism—Mr and Mrs E. Knowlson, Mr and Mrs A. Gray, Mesdames E. Stewart, M. Bradley, M. Rowlands and her daughter, Dianne, Miss Pamela Burt, Messrs G. Hewitt and G. Love. We welcome into membership, on transfer, Mrs G. Hewitt (Brooklyn) and Mr and Mrs Stott (Napier) and on Baptism, Mesdames E. Buchanan, J. Calder, M. Lawton, and Miss Valda Beattie. Little Graeme Fowler was brought by his parents for dedication. The stirring messages from Dr Anderson and the children's talks by Mrs Anderson are an inspiration to all. Mrs Anderson is also conducting a four-weeks' Teacher's Training Course. Hastings and Napier Churches exchanged choirs for a recent evening service. Our sympathy to Miss Margaret Wood on the loss of her father. Congratulations to our Life Boy team on winning the Indoor Cricket Shield for four consecutive years, and to Miss Dianne Rowlands on her engagement.—M. F. S.


December 1964

HASTINGS (Minister-elect, Rev. G. T. Macann).—The services conducted by Dr Anderson continue to be a real blessing. A special youth service, when several of our young folk assisted, was well attended; also the film and coffee hour which followed. On World Communion Sunday our church joined with other churches at a Dawn Service at Te Mata Peak and at an evening service in the Municipal Theatre. Miss Mary Milner showed slides and spoke of her work in Japan following evening worship recently. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Bert Kater on the arrival of a second daughter. Members of the Boys' Brigade had fun and fellowship at a weekend camp at Tuki Tuki River. Our special "Fund Raising" scheme resulted in a worthwhile amount going towards the reduction of the church debt. Thanks to all who gave their time and energies to this cause. Our Christian love and prayers to all who are laid aside at home or hospital.—M. F. S.

N.Z. Baptist Magazine

Since the first days of the church, Hastings Baptist submitted regular summaries of church life and events to the New Zealand Baptist Magazine.  As part of the centenary archive those updates have been collected and reproduced here.  It is a catalogue of people and moments that have shaped the church’s story.