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February 1961

Hastings Effort

At the end of last year the Hastings Church held a garden party in connection with their jubilee celebrations. Sufficient money was raised to purchase four projectors for the field. We congratulate Hastings on having the "Overseas" outlook on a great "Home" occasion for them.


HASTINGS (Rev. Derek Rodgers).—A watch-night service started our church new year and ended its 50th jubilee year of witness to God. Church full on the first 1961 Sunday service, warm welcome extended to many visitors. We say goodbye to Miss Rollson returning to the field (January 20), on her second term. Good to see many of our young folk worshipping with us for vacation. Now in the presence of their Lord Mrs. Jolly, a faithful worshipper, and the daughter of Mrs. Bewley, senior. Our Christian love and sympathy go to both families. Still in hospital and needing prayer Mrs. Horace Paynter and Mr. Gwynne. Now home and progressing, Mrs. Scougall and Miss Moira Fulton. Our minister was soloist at city carol service and as always, ably witnessed in song. Good to see Mrs. Rodgers well and back among us. Much food for thought and prayer after listening to Rev. Phil Potter of the N.C.C. Youth Department, recently. Our church looks forward to 1961, and the advancement of God's work.—D. M. M.


Hastings Jubilee

Throughout the past year our church has enjoyed many occasions of joy and fellowship in connection with our jubilee year. We have been privileged to have had some of our past ministers with us to lead our worship. To them, and also to those who could not be with us, we thank God for, and pray His blessing on them, some in continued ministry and others in retirement. Our main efforts were centred round a dinner and pageant of past years during Queen's Birthday weekend, a garden party in October and a musical festival in November when excerpts of the "Messiah" were sung by an augmented choir. We thank God for the times of blessing received from His hand. May His help and guidance be ever foremost in our thoughts throughout the coming years.

R. S. PEDEN, Chairman Jubilee Committee.


March 1961

HASTINGS (Rev. D. C. Rogers).—Welcome back to Mr. and Mrs. Bob Taylor, who have combined an interest in youth and a holiday, in their recent visit to the Youth Congress in Australia. We hope to give report of some items of interest from their visit in our next report. Still confined to hospital, and needing prayer support are Mr. Gwynne and Mrs. Horace Paynter, two of our older members. It has been good to see and welcome to worship with us so many of our Baptist friends who have been on holiday in our city, also our young folk home from college and training school. Our Sunday School year started on February 5 and it was a cheering sight to see so many happy faces and so many willing workers for the Lord, assembled in church, to hear the minister give them their motto for 1961, "Holdfast to the life-line."—D. M. M.


April 1961

HASTINGS (Rev. D. C. Rogers).—Our various church activities are now in full swing: Cadets, Life Boys, Girls' and Boys' Brigades have commenced, and are looking forward to a year of faithful witness. B.W.M.U, gave a social evening on the 23rd, the' money from the various efforts going to swell our missionary funds. The evening was greatly enjoyed. On Sunday, March 5, our minister welcomed into our church and fellowship 20 Christian friends, some through baptism and others through transfer. Our church life and witness will be the stronger for their presence. Congratulations to the Ray Hensmans and Ernest Pedens on the arrival of a new son into the family. Congratulations also to Ron Holman and Noni Smith. Also Lorna Hall, on their recent engagements. May God bless abundantly their future paths. Our Sunday School children were blessed with beautiful weather for their recent picnic outing and the day was enjoyed by many parents and children. Our prayers and Christian love are still needed for Mr. Gwynne and Mrs. Horace Paynter.—D. M. M.


May 1961

HASTINGS (Rev. D. C. Rogers).—Present with his Lord, Mr. Gwyn, a good and faithful servant, in his 91st year. Our Christian love and sympathy are with his family at this time. Retired from our diaconate after twenty-three years is Mr. Howard Paynter. Appreciation of his long service in this sphere and that of Mr. G. Kemp, was voiced at our annual meeting. Newly elected to office were Messrs. Shakespeare, Wood and Peters. May God be their guide. B.W.M.U. took morning service recently. As part of their witness week, Mrs. Rogers gave an inspiring address on missionaries and our support, by prayer and giving. B.W.M.U. and Shareholders witnessed in song. Re-elected as secretary after a short absence was Mr. C. Rawlings, a vote of thanks going to Mr. Keith Fear who has so ably carried out these duties in the meantime. Our Bible Classes have undertaken a talents campaign for missionary funds, all kinds of work being undertaken. May God move our hearts to encourage these young folk, that their efforts will be blessed a hundredfold.—D. M. M.


June 1961

HASTINGS (Rev. D. C. Rogers).—The highlight of our month's activities was the visit of our President, Mr. Nicholson, and his wife. A special mid-week meeting was held to welcome both, preceded by tea with minister and deacons. Attendance at service was disappointing, but those present received a challenge and food for thought in our President's address. Shareholders held a special guest evening this month, and the film, "Miracle at Mori," was shown. How humble, yet uplifted, we felt when viewing the struggle through to a Christian life, and witness of a Japanese orphan girl. Sunday evening service after Easter was taken by B.C. campers and youth choir. A packed church was greatly heartened when these young folk witnessed from the pulpit and in song. Out of hospital, though still incapacitated is Mrs. Horace Paynter. Mrs. R. Martin and Mrs. H. Morton have been on the sick, list, and are much in our thoughts. Our G.L.B. and Cadets paraded recently at the new St. Johns Cathedral in Napier, when parents and friends joined them in a service of worship and dedication. On their annual combined day of prayer our B.W.M.U. members were the guests of our Napier Church B.W.M.U. friends.—D. M. M.


July 1961

HASTINGS (Rev. D. C. Rogers).—Present with her Lord, Mrs. Reeks, who so faithfully followed Him in worship and love. Our Christian sympathy is with her family at this time. Still in hospital are Mrs. H. Paynter and Mr. Morgan; may they feel our Lord's upholding strength in these weary weeks. Out of hospital and progressing slowly is Mrs. H. Morton, together with Mr. Burt, Mr. Libby, Mrs. Harding, Mrs. E. Toms and Brian Whittington. We pray for speedy and complete recovery to each one. Our prayers are with small Malcolm Burns, who recently underwent an operation in Dunedin Hospital. He is now back home but still far from well. May God be close to this little one and his parents in these anxious days. In our pulpit recently, Miss Melva Taylor challenged us to greater prayer support. May our friends on the field not find us lax in this important part of missionary work. This month we were on the air, and we hope and pray that our minister's message and our service as a whole reached into homes and hearts as yet untouched by the things of God. —D. M. M.


August 1961

HASTINGS (Rev. D. C. Rogers).—Once again our Lord has made a "homecall" to one of our older members; our dear friend Mrs. Barden answered His call on July 3, in her 78th year, may God comfort her loved ones at this time. Mrs. Horace Paynter still sojourns in hospital, and with Christian fortitude faces the sometimes weary days. Mr Percy Stanton 222 N.Z. BAPTIST—August, 1961. is back worshipping with us, after his recent car accident. Our Lord was surely with him and saved him from serious injury; may his progress to good health be sustained and steady. Young Malcolm Burns is back in Dunedin Hospital under observation; may our prayers uphold him and his parents in this time of testing. Miss Beulah Lord and Mr. Laurie Mount were married recently, a social evening hour was given and a presentation made. We wish these two servants of our Lord a happy life together. Highlight of our month was the week's visitation of Miss Anderine Farmer of the United States of America, who came to talk and encourage us on A.A.S.S. —D. M. M.


September 1961

HASTINGS (Rev. D. C. Rogers).—Once again our Lord has visited our church fellowship, and taken into His fold, some of our loved ones, firstly Mrs. Nicholls, wife of a former minister, she had been in indifferent health for some time, then Mr. Red. Mardon whose call was very sudden, and now we hear of another call Home, that of Mr Hirst. Our supporting prayers are with those left behind. Recently the Rev. L. North occupied our pulpit as well as attending our combined Bible Class rally at Napier. Also welcomed to a mid-week service was the Rev. M. J. Eade, who had tea and fellowship with men of the B.M.M.F. before the meeting. Our Ladies Friendly Hour has just finished millinery demonstrations from the capable hands of Mrs. P. Lascelles, who donated the proceeds of these lessons £27 to our "New Church" fund. Our minister was inducted as President of the local branch of the N.C.C. Welcomed into membership, through Baptism are the Misses E. Morgan and M. Hallam, also Mr. John Taylor and Wesley Hopgood.—D. M. M.


October 1961

HASTINGS (Rev. D. C. Rogers).—Our minister is back from his mission at Owairaka, where there was inquiry and a quickening of interest. We pray that the months ahead will continue to bear fruit for our Lord in that portion of his vineyard. On his return, our minister was inducted as president of Hastings branch N.C.C. May the work in this sphere be to God's glory. Within sight is our new church building, tenders have been called, and we pray that this project started in faith of God's providing, will be built to His glory and the furtherance of His work. Our friend, Mr. Fear elected to office as superintendent for A.A.S.S. has been very busy, and things are moving now to complete the pattern. May God bless those who labour in this vital work. Occupying our pulpit recently were Mr. Trevor Fear and Mr. Paul Holman, both friends ably filled their worshipping hour with us. Also in our pulpit recently was Mr. Basil Rabeiro of Ceylon.— D. M. M.


November 1961

HASTINGS (Rev. D. C. Rogers)—Great activity in our fellowship lately as nurseries and study rooms take on a new look in preparation for A.A.S.S. May God bless our step ahead. Our Y.P.F. ran a special social on Blossom Festival night to provide Christian Fellowship and fun for visitors awaiting transport home. May this venture be successive and successful in Christian witness. A Spring family service was held recently at our Riverslea extension Sunday School, may our friends see much fruit for their labours in this area. Home after an operation is David Bell. His progress has been steady and sustained. Still needing the prayer of all friends is Mrs Horace Paynter. May she know God's upholding love. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Patterson and their new daughter, may the Lord bless this new addition. Welcomed to membership Mr Carswell Burt and Mr and Mrs Bill Kemp, may they receive and give, much blessing in their new relationship.—D. M. M.


December 1961

HASTINGS (Rev. D. C. Rogers).—Our step forward to A.A.S.S. was taken on Sunday, October 15, preceded by a service of dedication. May God bless this venture, to His Glory. Recent marriages in our Fellowship were Bill Bell and Annette Roberts, Glynn Rowlands and Jim Burtenshaw. Karen Jeffs and John Unwin, Moira Fulton and Anthony Bewley. May God bless the way ahead for these young folk. Welcomed into membership recently were Mr and Mrs Bill Kemp and Mr Carswell Burt. On the seriously ill list recently after an operation was Mrs Barry Price (Jocelyn Wotherspoon); we are glad to report, however, that Jocelyn has made a good recovery. Inducted as President of B.W.M.U. at Assembly recently was our minister's wife. May she feel our prayerful support in the year ahead as she labours in her own corner of God's vineyard. Labour weekend activities recently for our Y.P.F. included Bible study, a hike, barbeque lunch, and a social evening.—D. M. M.

N.Z. Baptist Magazine

Since the first days of the church, Hastings Baptist submitted regular summaries of church life and events to the New Zealand Baptist Magazine.  As part of the centenary archive those updates have been collected and reproduced here.  It is a catalogue of people and moments that have shaped the church’s story.