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February 1958

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—When these notes were being written our minister and his wife were just commencing a well earned vacation. A happy and invigorating holiday, Mr. and Mrs. Wood. The Sunday evening Christmas broadcast service, and the early morning service on Christmas Day were both very well attended. The helped each one of us to find Christ in Christmas a living reality. The church picnic at Brookfields Bridge on Boxing Day was a very happy occasion. We are glad to welcome home Dr. and Mrs. Dion Warren, with their infant daughter, from England; also Mrs. Bunce and Mr. and Mrs. Bell from their trip abroad. Miss Dorothy Bevan has been farewelled prior to entering the Bible Training Institute. Auckland. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Stewart have presented their infant son, Robert Timothy, in grateful dedication. We rejoice with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hodson on the birth of a daughter. To Mr. Don Palmer and Miss Jean Burns congratulations and best wishes on their engagement. Our sincere Christian sympathy is extended to those of our congregation who have lost loved ones.—R. N.


March 1958

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—We are glad to have our minister and his wife back with us after their annual vacation. Our prayer is that God will richly bless them as they set out to do another year's service for Him and His church. Our appreciation is expressed to Dr. Dion Warren, Mr. Ian Taylor and Mr. Trevor Fear for conducting the services during our minister's absence. The much appreciated visit of Dr. Roberts-Thomson, M.A., D.D., and the Induction of Sister Patricia Preest as Deaconess of this church are reported elsewhere in this issue. Our Christian sympathy is extended to Miss B. McHutchon in the loss of a beloved brother. Hearty congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pethrick (nee Rosalie North) on the birth of a son. We remember before the Throne those of our congregation who are sick.—R. N.


Hastings Welcomes New Deaconess: Sister Patricia Preest

On Sunday, February 2, 1958, Sister Patricia Preest was inducted as the Deaconess of the Hastings Baptist Church.

Dr. E. Roberts-Thomson, M.A., D.D., Principal of the Baptist College of New Zealand, conducted the induction service. In his address he cited the many instances in holy scripture where women performed important duties in church life to the glory of God.

At the Communion service which followed, Sister Patricia was gladly welcomed into the membership of the Hastings Baptist Church by the Rev. N. R. Wood.

After the evening service an opportunity of welcoming Sister Patricia was afforded an enthusiastic congregation during a social hour. At this "Welcome" gathering the Rev. N. R. Wood expressed the pleasure her coming brought to the manse. Mr. C. H. Rawlings, church secretary, extended a welcome on behalf of the congregation. Mrs. G. Wallace presented Sister Patricia with a bouquet of flowers and expressed the welcome of the ladies of the church. The young people's pleasure at her arrival was voiced by Miss Jeanette Harrison. Each speaker promised Sister Patricia whole-hearted and prayerful support.

In her reply, which was marked for its humbleness and sincerity, Sister Patricia thanked all present for the warmth of her welcome and promised to do all in her power, enabled by the Holy Spirit, to assist in the rapidly expanding work of the church in Hastings.

A very happy occasion was concluded in prayer by Mr. J. R. H. Thorp, a life deacon of the church.


April 1958

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—In the fulfilment of his presidential duties our minister has been very busy visiting churches, especially the isolated ones. We much appreciated the visit of Rev. J. J. Burt, youth director. His sermons on stewardship were a blessing and inspiration to all. The after-church lantern slide address on "Churches in America," which he made so interesting, was helpful to us as we plan our new church. An opportunity was taken to farewell Messrs. Ian Taylor and Trevor Fear before they left our midst to commence their ministerial studies at the Baptist College. Our annual church business meeting was preceded by a church tea. Both functions were well attended, and proved to be helpful and interesting. Mr. John Fear, a foundation member of this church has passed into the presence of his Lord. To his wife and family we extend sincere Christian sympathy, also to Mr. Jim Trotter in the sad loss of his father.—R. N.


May 1958

Manurewa Children's Home

Recent additions to the staff have been ... Miss Harrison from our Hastings Church.


HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—We appreciated having in our pulpit recently the first minister of this church, the Rev. H. B. Hughes, M.A., B.D. In the absence of our minister at the South Auckland Easter Convention, a helpful Good Friday morning service was conducted by Mr. J. R. H. Thorp. Visiting speakers enjoyed during the month have been Mr. Ken. Halstead, representing the Missionary Aviation Fellowship, and Mr. Keith Dennis, missionary on furlough from Papua. Mr. and Mrs. Gaskill have been gladly welcomed into membership. The parents of little Howard Grant Petherick presented him before the Lord in grateful dedication. We rejoice with Edythe Evelyn Bell and Max Edward Blincoe on their engagement. To Misses Elsie Leipst and Jeanette Harrison we bid farewell as they leave our midst. Sincere Christian sympathy is extended to the loved ones of Mrs. E. Hicks and Mr. F. H. Gamman, who have gone to be with their Lord.—R. N.


June 1958

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—During our Week of Prayer and Self-denial, the meetings arranged for each night in the week were made exceptionally interesting and attracted encouraging congregations. At an all members' Communion service held recently, each member was presented with a membership card. It was an impressive ceremony when all the members stood and reverently made their membership pledge. A special Sunday evening service was held for the dedication of church officers. The Girls' Life Brigade and Cadets paraded at a recent Sunday morning service and made their vows. Miss J. Morgan, Mr. Buxton and Mr. Stanley Baker have courageously witnessed for their Lord in the waters of baptism. Mrs. Williams and Miss Morgan were gladly welcomed into church membership. The parents of Patricia Hodson presented their child before the Lord in grateful dedication. We rejoice with Mr. and Mrs. Haldane Scougall on the birth of a son.—R. N.


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Executive of Baptist Union of N.Z.

Back Row: Rev. R. Hart, Rev. J. E. Simpson, Mr. W. Carey, Mr. E. Nees, Mr. F. W. Horner, Rev A. L. Silcock.
Front Row: Mr. A. R. Jordan, Mr. H. J. Hayward, Rev. N. R. Wood, Rev. L. A North


July 1958

Fifth Baptist Youth World Conference, Toronto: A Record Delegation

In spite of a driving gale and drenching rain the good ship "Orcades" left Auckland promptly at 11 p.m. on May 30. She was bound for Vancouver, Canada. Included among the passengers were nine young New Zealand Baptists bound for Toronto. Two Australian Baptists going to the same Conference were also on board. Two more, from Auckland, will leave by air a little later and join the party in Vancouver. In Toronto the Rev. F Hayes Lloyd and Mr. Graham Brogden will bring the strength of the new Zealand delegation to thirteen— a record!

The complete group will be Mr. G. Brogden, Palmerston North; Miss J. Elliot, Epsom; Miss G. Griffiths, Sandringham; Rev. F. H. Lloyd, Hamilton; the Misses JL. Morris, Gisborne; Miss A. Mullon, Karori; Mr. B. Osborne. Oxford Terrace; Miss N. Rowntree, Riccarton; Miss C. and Mr. N. Stanton, Hastings; Miss E. Wakelin, Riccarton; Mr. N. R. Williams, Taupo. Six thousand delegates from sixty countries, including Russia, are expected to attend.


HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—While our minister has been away from Hastings on his presidential tour, our services have been taken by Sister Patricia (our deaconess), Mr. Brian Smith (B.T.I. missionary student), Messrs. Ian Taylor and Trevor Fear (Baptist College students), and Dr. I. J. Jeffrey (Wellington Central). We express sincere appreciation to each one. Master Stanley Baker and Mr. J. Buxton were gladly welcomed into membership recently. Congratulations and our best wishes are extended to the following:—Miss Valda Hall and Mr. Neil Donaldson on their marriage; Miss Mary Anderson and Mr. Ian Hortop, Miss Irma Kerr and Mr. Bill Olsen, Miss Nancy Kan and Mr. Roland Wong, on their engagements. We bid farewell to Miss Constance Stanton and Mr. Neville Stanton as they leave us to attend the Baptist Youth Convention at Toronto, Canada. To those of our congregation who have lost loved ones we extend our sincere Christian sympathy.—R. N.


August 1958

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—Our minister is being kept very busy with his presidential duties, and we pray that strength and wisdom will be granted unto him during this period of great responsibility and strain. While Mr. Wood has been away we have been grateful to the Rev. Rex Goldsmith, M.A., of Napier, for taking a very helpful Sunday morning service. Also to Miss Olwyn Kemp, missionary on furlough from India, and to Mr. Keith Dennis, missionary from New Guinea, for their services and illustrated addresses. Our church accommodation was taxed to capacity when the annual church parade of the St. John Ambulance Brigade took place. The parade and enrolment service of the 1st Hastings Boys' Brigade was another impressive ceremony. Mr. Ralph Barley, a life deacon of this church, has been honoured by the Queen for the splendid work he has done among the sick and aged. Our congratulations, Mr. Barley, on being awarded the M.B.E. honour. Sincere Christian sympathy is extended to the loved ones of the late Mrs. Gigg.—R. N.


September 1958

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—Our minister has planned an extensive and busy programme of presidential church visitation during the coming months. During our week-night meetings Mr. Wood has been conducting a series of addresses based on the "Healing Miracles of the Bible." These have proved to be exceptionally interesting and enlightening, especially as they follow so closely after the visit of the faith healing Harley Street specialist, Dr. Woodard. Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Wood, on transfer from Wellington, and Mr. McDonald, on transfer from Palmerston North, were warmly welcomed into the membership of this church at a recent Communion service. We have been privileged to see some interesting slides showing the definite progress being made among the scattered churches in Northland under the leadership of the Rev. Colin Ayrey.—R. N.


October 1958

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—We are pleased to report that our minister is now making satisfactory progress after his recent illness. Our gratitude is expressed to senior, student Don. Comber for the spiritual help we have received during his month's ministry in our pulpit. He is assured of our greater interest and prayers because of this visit to our church. Assisted by Sister Patricia, Mr. Comber conducted a very encouraging Children's Week during the August school holidays. At the annual meeting of the Central Districts B.W.M.U., Mrs. N. R. Wood was elected president, and Mrs. Joyce Shuker was appointed secretary-treasurer. Our congratulations to them both. An opportunity was taken to welcome home Miss Constance and Mr. Neville Stanton on their return from the Baptist Convention at Toronto. Canada. Sincere Christian sympathy is extended to the loved ones of Mrs. R. Ireland, who has gone to be with her Lord. Every good wish to Miss Margaret Palmer and Mr. John Green on their engagement.—R. N.


November 1958

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—On account of the greatly increased number of children attending our Sunday Schools, the anniversary services have had to be split up into three sections, and spread over three Sundays. Although alterations were made in our church to add extra seating accommodation, it is again proving necessary to have seats in both aisles for the Sunday morning services. We praise God for these evident signs that He is working in our midst. Appreciated visits from Rev. Lawrence North, Baptist Union Secretary; Miss E. Ogilvie, missionary on furlough; and the Gisborne male quartet have proved to be most interesting and helpful. Congratulations to the 1st Hastings Company of the Boys' Brigade on gaining third place in the all-New Zealand competition held in Wellington. Our sincere Christian sympathy is extended to the loved ones of our late sister, Mrs. O. R. Robinson. We rejoice with Ernest and Joy Peden on the birth of a daughter.—R. N.


December 1958

Minute of Appreciation of Service of Past President

Agreed that the following resolution prepared by the Rev. C. B. Boggis be recorded:

This opening gathering of the 76th Assembly records the deep thankfulness of our Baptist people throughout New Zealand for the excellent service rendered to the Denomination by the Retiring President, Rev. N. R. Wood, who has fulfilled all the responsibilities of his office with conspicuous effectiveness and who has carried out his many duties with devotion and dignity. For the stimulus of his able leadership, for the spiritual enrichment of his ministry among the Churches, for his warm brotherliness and wise counsel, for the extensiveness of his travelling, for the efficiency and high quality of his administration, and above all for his spirit of dedication to the task, we offer to Mr. Wood our heartfelt gratitude. And we recognise with sincere appreciation the fine contribution which has been made both by his esteemed wife and by the Hastings Church in strengthening the hands of our brother as he has held aloft the Torch of Truth.


HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—Our thoughts and prayers are with our representatives at the Union Assembly meetings in Christchurch: Rev. and Mrs. N. R. Wood, Miss Mavis Mardon and Mr. R. E. Barley. During our minister's absence at Assembly we appreciated having in our pulpit Mr. A. Hoskins, Mr. R. Hill, Bible Class representatives, and Mr. J. Simmons of "The Navigators," Christchurch. A successful Labour weekend camp was held at Waimarama, and was attended by almost 80 young campers from Gisborne, Napier and Hastings. The much appreciated guest speaker was Rev. Angus McLeod, M.A., B.D. We were grateful to Rev. P. G. Buchanan, L.Th., of Dannevirke, for taking our intermediate Sunday School anniversary service, which was well attended. The following happy parents have been blessed with bonny infants: Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stewart, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Derek Burns, a son. We rejoice with them. To Miss Jeanette Harrison and Mr. Ian Taylor our best wishes and congratulations on their engagement.—R. N.

N.Z. Baptist Magazine

Since the first days of the church, Hastings Baptist submitted regular summaries of church life and events to the New Zealand Baptist Magazine.  As part of the centenary archive those updates have been collected and reproduced here.  It is a catalogue of people and moments that have shaped the church’s story.