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January 1955

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—We have been honoured by a visit from the President of the Baptist World Alliance, Dr. Townley Lord, and his wife. The Napier Church joined us in welcoming our distinguished visitors, who also received a civic welcome by the mayor. We were deeply impressed as the President told us of the wideness of the Baptist movement, and the extent of its activities throughout the world. The various youth organisations of our church have been holding their end-of-the-year demonstrations, and granting of awards. Splendid work has been done and reflects credit on their leaders. At a recent Communion service we gladly welcomed into our fellowship the following new members: Mr. and Mrs. P. Stanton and their daughter, Constance, also Mr. Errol Lockhead. May our fellowship together be enriched and strengthened. B.W.M.U. members were privileged to receive a visit from their president, Mrs. R. L. Fursdon, and were blessed by her message.—R. N.


February 1955

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—During the holiday season when so many of our members have been on vacation, visitors from other districts have been doubly welcome. It has been our joy to have quite a number worshipping with us. In obedience to our Lord's command Mr. Neville Stanton courageously witnessed in the waters of baptism before a large congregation. At a parade of the Girls' Life Brigade and the Boys' Brigade it was our privilege to have Student T. Cadman in the pulpit. His excellent address was a blessing to young and old. Sincere Christian sympathy is extended to the family of our late sister, Mrs. S. A. Horton, who passed into the presence of her Lord at the age of 92 years. The engagement of Miss Marienne Nixon to Mr. Jack Stewart has been announced. We rejoice with these young people in this happy event. May the New Year be a time of spiritual happiness and prosperity for all.—R. N.


March 1955

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—A challenging and impressive Sunday School Teachers' Commissioning Service was conducted by our minister. At this service he mentioned that one in every four members of our church took part in youth work—a spiritually healthy sign. Major Leonard Moules deeply moved us all as he spoke and showed films of the World-wide Evangelisation Crusade missionary work on the Tibetan border. Miss Valda Hall, Mr. Graeme Wallace and Mr. Neville Stanton were recently farewelled as they left Hastings. The latter was welcomed into membership before leaving. Our sincere Christian sympathy is extended to Mrs. P. Lascelles in the loss of a sister; to Mrs. L. Nixon, in the loss of a brother; and to the relatives of our late brother, Mr. S. Curd. Miss Joy Barley was united in matrimony to Mr. Ernest Peden on January 29. We wish this young couple God's richest blessing.—R. N.


April 1955

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—We rejoice with our minister in the commencement of his 25th year of service in the ministry. May God continue to bless and use him in the extension of His Kingdom. It was our privilege to have the Rev. J. Ewen Simpson in our pulpit before he left Napier to take over the ministry of the Epsom Church. We have been pleased to have the Rev. and Mrs. P. F. Lanyon worshipping with us. Mr. and Mrs. K. Fear and their sons, Graeme and Trevor, were gladly welcomed into membership on transfer from Masterton. Mr. and Mrs. Allan Gammon presented their little daughter, Judith, in dedication recently. Mrs. L. Mardon witnessed in the waters of baptism in obedience to her Lord's command. We rejoice with Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Stewart on the birth of a son. Sincere Christian sympathy is extended to Miss B. McHutchon in the loss of her brother. —R. N.


May 1955

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—While our minister was taking part in the 75th Anniversary Services at the Colombo Street Church, our services were taken by Mr. J. R. H. Thorp, Miss Kath. Tate, Mr. R. Barley and Mr. K. Fear, to whom we are grateful. We were privileged to be visited and addressed by the President of the Baptist Union of N.Z., Mr. W. Carey. The following appointments were made at the Annual General Meeting:—Mr. Chas. Rawlings, Assistant Secretary; Mr. Doug. Bewley, Church Treasurer; Mr. George Kemp, Deacon; Mrs. G. Wallace, Deaconess. May they all receive joy in service. An opportunity was taken to bid farewell to Mr. and Mrs. J. R. H. Thorp, Mr. and Mrs. R. Barley, Mrs. Sands and Mr. and Mrs. P. Stanton, who are attending the Baptist World Alliance meetings in London. Our deep sympathy is extended to Mr and Mrs. K. Halstead in the loss of their baby son. We rejoice with Mr. and Mrs. G. Stevens on the birth of a daughter.—R. N.


June 1955

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—We were pleased to receive a visit from the Rev. M. J. Eade, and to be present at his excellently illustrated missionary address. The Gisborne Bible Class Camp was a marked success, and was attended by real spiritual blessing. A capacity filled church witnessed the church parade and enrolment service of our two Boys' Brigade and Girls' Life Brigade Companies. The Boys' Brigade showed, at an after-church gathering, a very fine film and provided supper to the largo number who attended. Our B.W.M.U. members joined with the Napier Church on their Day of Prayer, and had fellowship together. A church parade of our B.W.M.U. members was a splendid witness. We have gladly welcomed into our fellowship Mrs. L. Mardon and Mrs. McEwan. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Stewart have presented their infant son, Ross David, in grateful dedication. We rejoice with Mr. and Mrs. Rae Hensman and with Mr. and Mrs. Nelson McLean—both families have been blessed with infant sons.—R. N.


July 1955

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—While our minister was attending the Central Auxiliary meetings in Wanganui, Mr. George Wallace and Mr. Selwyn Baker took the services. We are grateful to them for the spiritual help received. It has been our privilege and pleasure to receive a visit from the Rev. L. A. North. Our minister had the pleasure of inducting the Rev. Rex Goldsmith to his new charge in Napier. Mr. and Mrs. H. Scougall gladly obeyed our Lord's command in the waters of baptism. We are pleased to welcome Mr. Ken Halstead to our diaconate. To the families of Mrs. Kean arid Mrs. J. Gwyn we extend our sincere sympathy on the passing of these two saintly women into the presence of their Lord. We rejoice with Mr. and Mrs. Wilms on the birth of a daughter. The engagement of Mr. Maurice Toms to Miss Rose Anderson, and of Dr. Dion Warren to Miss Patricia Streeter, England, is a cause for congratulations and good wishes.—R. N.


August 1955

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—Delegates who had attended the Central Auxiliary meetings in Wanganui gave us inspiring accounts of this conference. During the month of July a programme of Billy Graham films are to be shown after the Sunday evening 'services. We pray that God will bless these films to the salvation of precious souls. Miss Pamela Rowlands and Mr David Baker made the grand confession in the waters of baptism. We gladly welcomed into our membership Mr. and Mrs. Haldane Scougall, who were recently baptised. Our heartfelt sympathy has been extended to those of our flock who have lost loved ones: to Mrs. Fred Hall, in the passing of her mother; Mrs. Haymes; and to Mrs. Sims and Mrs. Stephens, on the passing of their brother, Mr. Griffiths. We are grateful to Miss Joy Smith, missionary on furlough from our field in India, for her very interesting illustrated address.—R. N.


September 1955

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—As part of each Sunday evening service during July. "Hour of Decision" films, featuring Dr. Billy Graham and members of his mission team, have been shown to capacity congregations. We are grateful to the Rev. Rex Goldsmith of Napier for his splendid addresses to the youth of our church. To Mr. Peter Tait, of our Napier Church, and to the Rev. Te H. Kaa, Maori Anglican minister, we are deeply grateful for their interesting films and talks at the Men's Missionary Fellowship meetings. Gladly welcomed into our membership were Miss Pamela Rowlands and Mr. David Baker, who were baptised recently. An opportunity was taken recently to honour Captain M. Mildenhall, who has served for over 10 years as a commissioned officer in the Girls' Life Brigade. Sympathy is extended to Mr Ernest Burns in the loss of his father, and to Mr. V. Westerman in the loss of his sister. Congratulations and best wishes are proffered to Miss Valerie Taylor and Mr. Trevor Nixon on their engagement.—R. N.


October 1955

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood) .—During our minister's absence on part of his annual vacation the services were taken by Mr. K. Fear, Mr. R. J. Taylor (assisted by members of the Men's Missionary Fellowship), Mr. A. Hoskins and Mr. G. Fear (assisted by Bible Class members). We are grateful to these members for leading us in our worship, and for the spiritual help received. Mesdames G. Wallace, G. Petherick, and C. Christensen have been appointed deaconesses to assist our minister in his visitation, and other pastoral work. May they receive blessing in service. Mrs. D. Bewley has accepted leadership of the Young Women's Bible Class. We pray God's blessing on her as she undertakes this work. Our thoughts and prayers go with Miss Kath. Tate as she journeys back to Lebanon to resume her missionary work in that land. Sincere Christian sympathy is extended to the wife and family of our late brother, Mr. F. E. Culy, who has passed into the presence of his Lord.—R. N.


November 1955

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—Enthusiastic, prayerful preparations are being made for the Rev. Ivor Powell's mission to be conducted in our town from November 13 to 24. Please pray with us for a time of great spiritual blessing and revival. We thank the Rev. M. J. Eade for coming and sharing with us some of his rich experiences in missionary work. The Girls' Life Brigade were privileged to receive a visit from their Dominion President, Mrs. F. King. We rejoice to state that our minister's wife, who has endeared herself to us all, is out of hospital and, although far from strong yet, is on the road to recovery. For all of our flock who are sick, or troubled, we pray a "double portion" of God's presence and blessing, and may the healing hand of the Great Physician be on you all. A glad welcome home to Mr. and Mrs. P. Stanton and family, from overseas; and to Miss Mavis Mardon, who has returned to live in Hastings.—R. N.


December 1955

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—Before these notes appear in print the long-looked-for and prayerfully-prepared-for Ivor Powell Mission will have taken place. May God richly bless this effort to reach the unsaved. While our minister was attending the annual Assembly of the Baptist Union, we were privileged to have the Rev. Foster Sherburd, Papatoetoe, in our pulpit. We are grateful to him for his helpful ministry, and thank him for his very interesting illustrated travel talk. We feel justly proud of our minister's wife, as Mrs. Wood takes office as President of the N.Z. Baptist Women's Missionary Union for this year. Our Sunday School anniversary services attracted the usual large attendances, and were enjoyed by all. The Bible Class camp at Waimarama was voted a great success, and the 95 who attended benefited spiritually and physically. We were happy to witness the dedication of Janice Noeline Mawson on a recent Sunday. Another very happy occasion was the welcome home to those who attended the Baptist World Alliance meetings in London. —R. N.

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Since the first days of the church, Hastings Baptist submitted regular summaries of church life and events to the New Zealand Baptist Magazine.  As part of the centenary archive those updates have been collected and reproduced here.  It is a catalogue of people and moments that have shaped the church’s story.