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February 1952

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—At the inspiring Communion service held in the closing days of the old year the following eighteen believers were welcomed into membership: by baptism—Mr. and Mrs. Johnston and their daughter, Noreen, Mr. and Mrs. Lang. Messrs. Dennis Kilgour, Charles Monahan. Terry Fowler, Graeme Wallace, Graeme Harrington, Misses Mary, Elizabeth and Rose Anderson (our beloved triplets), Eileen Taylor. Angela Bell, Valda Hall; on transfer—Mr. and Mrs. J. Bewley. Before the old year closed, our baptistry was again opened, when Messrs. Fulton and Gibbs witnessed for their Lord. Our best wishes are extended to Mr. and Mrs. Larry Leeves (nee Miss M. Arnold), who were married on December 15. Before these notes appear in print, Miss Jean Schofield and Mr. Thomas (Mac) Fee will have been united in marriage; may God richly bless them. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Baker on the birth of a son.—R. N.


March 1952

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—The mid-week prayer meetings are being well maintained, and are one of the bright spots in the life of our church. At the close of our minister's helpful addresses, those present have the opportunity of asking questions, and a lively interest is being taken. Welcome visitors to our pulpit have been Rev. Luke Jenkins and Rev. J. J. Burt. Those present at a service of remembrance for the late King George VI, conducted in our church by Mr. Wood, were united in their sympathy expressed in very suitable hymns and an appropriate message. Pauline Beulah Kemp and Ross Lambert Baker were brought before the Lord by their parents in a service of thanksgiving and dedication. Warm Christian sympathy is extended to Mr. and Mrs. Hickmott in the loss of their son. A happy gift evening was held in honour of Miss Enid Westerman, who is to be married before these notes appear. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. John McAlpine on the birth of a son.—R. N.


April 1952

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—We were privileged to have Rev. L. A. North conduct the dedicatory service setting apart our new electronic organ for God's glory. Opportunity to meet the President and his wife was provided in a "fellowship hour." Anonymously donated and installed hearing aids were dedicated to God's service by our own minister. All re-elected officers and an extra deacon, Mr. Albert Gamman, were welcomed at a special service. The infant children of Mrs. Hart and Mrs. Hughes were presented in dedication. We welcome home Miss Mavis Mardon from Christian service in Kalimpong, and her fellow-worker, Miss Horgan. A film address of their work was outstanding. Christian sympathy is extended to Mrs. Sims and Mrs. Stevens in the passing of their brother. Best wishes to Miss Enid Westerman on her marriage to Mr. Malcolm Sutherland, of Dunedin. We are sorry to lose Mr. and Mrs. H. Growden, who have shifted to Te Awamutu.—R. N.


May 1952

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—Our Harvest Thanksgiving services were bright and colourful, and of a high standard. The Chinese Church, Wellington, and the Manurewa Children's Home benefited by the sale of produce. While our minister was taking the Harvest Thanksgiving services at Palmerston North, we were indebted to Mr. A. E. Morgan and Mr. Haigh for conducting our services. Over Easter Mr. Wood will be Study Leader at the Auckland Young Men's Bible Class Camp, and our services will be taken by Dr. Dion Warren and Mr. Selwyn Baker. More than 40 young people from our church will be attending the Gisborne Easter camp. We have witnessed Church parades of the B.W.M.U., Girls' Life Brigade and Cadet Section. Mr. Colin Ireland has entered military camp for three months, and merits our prayers and interest. Best wishes to Mr. Roland Hill, who is leaving shortly for a trip to the Old Country.—R. N.


June 1952

Stamps. Stamps. Stamps.
The month for which many of you have been waiting has at last arrived—the month in which you gather up all the used stamps you can find and send them in. Last year Warren Dale sent in 35,000, Mary Harkness 31,000, Fay Reid 27,000 and Marilyn Lovatt 28,000, but the largest number of all came from 1st Hastings Life Boy Team which sent in a huge parcel of 56,000 stamps. Not all of you will be able to collect a huge number like that but you can all send in some stamps. Remember—this is the month we help the Manurewa Children's Home and the more stamps we can collect, the more money will be raised to help the Home.


HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—The quarterly business meeting was well attended, and it was encouraging to witness the interest shown in the affairs of the church. One of the outstanding announcements of the meeting was the statement that the whole of our church property was now free from debt. A rejoicing congregation rose to sing the Doxology. The Gisborne Easter Camp echoes were inspiring, and we rejoiced to hear that one of our local boys. Bill Bell, had made a public stand for Christ. A Hawke's Bay battalion of the Girls' Life Brigade has been formed. Leadership is in the capable hands of Mrs. Hodge (commandant), Miss Melva Mudenhall (adjutant), Rev. N. R. Wood (chaplain). Our sincere sympathy is extended to Mrs. Petherick, senior, and to Mrs. Morgan in the recent loss of their sisters. Baby daughters have blessed the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Doug. Bewley and Mr. and Mrs. Ken. Halstead.—R. N.


July 1951

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—While our minister is away in the South Island, he will be speaking at the diamond jubilee meetings of the Otago and Southland Auxliary and will be taking part in the opening of the new church at North-East Valley. Mr. J. R. H. Thorp and Mr. K. Halstead ably filled our pulpit in Mr. Wood's absence. During the past month we witnessed the dedication of two little ones, Lorraine McIntosh and Bruce McAlpine. We extend to Mrs. Kearney our sincere sympathy in the loss of her father. We are glad to report that Miss Graham, Miss Thorp and Mr. Don Kearney are out of hospital and all doing well. We are glad to have Mr. Thorp worshipping with us again after several weeks of sickness. We remember Mrs. Olsen, who is still in hospital, and pray for her a speedy recovery.—E. N.


August 1952

There has been a wonderful response to this year's stamp competition. At one stage we were all nearly drowned in a sea of stamps, but the tide has gone down a little now. The largest parcel came from the First Hastings Life Boy team who—believe it or not—sent a parcel containing 220,850 stamps!!! A hearty "thank you" to all who helped to raise money for the Manurewa Children's Home in this way.


HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—A film mission for Youth has been arranged for each Sunday afternoon from July 27 to August 31. At this mission films of an evangelistic nature will be shown, and it is anticipated that outsiders will be drawn in. At the conclusion of each afternoon's films, tea will be provided, and it is hoped that most of those attending will remain for the evening service. At a recent Communion service the following believers were welcomed into membership: Mrs. D. Kearney, Miss Rolson, Mr. Brian Tonkin, and Mr. Bill Bell. We are grateful to the team of willing workers who tar-sealed the driveway alongside the church, and a decided improvement in walking conditions is noticeable. The alterations and repairs that have been taking place in the Sunday School hall and in the kitchen are also much appreciated. Congratulations and best wishes to Mr. Lionel Gibbs and Miss Lois Gibbs, who were married recently.—R .N.


September 1952

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—At the time of going to press our beloved minister is confined to bed through illness. Much earnest prayer is being offered for his early recovery. We are grateful to Messrs. G. Wallace and J. Thorp for taking our Sunday services at such short notice. The film mission for Youth is in progress, and is being exceptionally well attended. We are looking forward to the visits of Student Alan Webster and Rev. Harry Jones. An inspiring and challenging message was delivered by Rev. E. P. Y. Simpson recently. Little Trixie Bewley was presented before the Lord in dedication. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Leeves (nee Marjorie Arnold), also to Mr. and Mrs. Nelson McLean on the arrival of little ones. Godspeed to Dr. Dion Warren, who is to continue his studies in England. Sincere sympathy to Miss B. McHutchon in the passing of her brother.—R. N.


October 1952

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood)—We rejoice that our minister is regaining his health, and praise God for his restoration. Our film mission has ended. The church was packed for each showing, approximately 160 remaining for the Youth Tea and many for the evening service. A number of souls were won into the Kingdom of God. for which we give thanks. To student Alan Webster we pay high tribute for the splendid way in which he took over full preaching responsibility during the mission. The lantern slide address by Rev. Harry Jones was packed with interest. Our thanks to Dr. Ernest Velvin for taking the "Blossom Sunday" service and to Rev. Ewen Simpson for conducting the broadcast address. Congratulations to Miss Doreen Harrison and Mr. Ray Hensman on their engagement.—R. N.


November 1952

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—The fourth year of the Rev. Wood's ministry in this church has commenced. We offer thanksgiving to Almighty God for the inspiration and blessing received, also for the definite progress made over the past three years. We witnessed the enrolment service of the 1st Pukahu Company of the Boys' Brigade, when officers and boys were dedicated. Our Girls' Life Brigade are to be congratulated on winning the "Four Square Shield" for second year in succession, and for gaining third place in N.Z. in the Temperance examinations. Scripture examination results:— all 16 passed well—Rae Wallace, 93%. Auckland S.S. Union examinations:—all six passed well—Barbara Wood was first in her grade for N.Z. and Angela Bell 95%. Our congratulations, girls. Vivian Judith Halstead and Wendy Jane Leeves have been presented before the Lord in dedication. Baby sons have blessed the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Church and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hodson.—R. N.


December 1952

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—While our minister was away at Assembly we were indebted to Messrs. Thorp and Morgan for taking our Sunday services. At a recent dedication service Charlotte Ann McLean and Joy Whittington were presented before the Lord. Gisborne, Napier, Palmerston North, Taupo and Hastings were represented at a successful Labour week-end camp at Waimarama. Our congratulations to Mr. Dennis Kilgour for winning the Howard Paynter sermonette contest cup. Other Youth activities have been— Girls' Life Brigade, a Hawke's Bay Battalion Field Day: Boys' Brigade, a successful week-end of competition with the Manawatu Battalion at Palmerston North. We extend sincere Christian sympathy to Mr. Fred Taylor in the loss of his father, and to Mr. J. Howard Paynter in the passing of his sister. Congratulations and best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Murray Fowler (nee Miss Hazel Ireland) on their recent marriage.— R. N.

N.Z. Baptist Magazine

Since the first days of the church, Hastings Baptist submitted regular summaries of church life and events to the New Zealand Baptist Magazine.  As part of the centenary archive those updates have been collected and reproduced here.  It is a catalogue of people and moments that have shaped the church’s story.