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January 1951

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).-An interesting and instructive account of Assembly activities and deliberations was given by our minister immediately on his return from that gathering. All were encouraged by his report, and look forward to the year ahead with hope and faith that God will use us and our denomination to extend His Kingdom here on earth. Fine weather attended our Sunday School anniversary services, and a church filled to capacity thoroughly enjoyed the children's singing. Appropriate messages were delivered by Capt. Peterson (Salvation Army) in the morning, and by our own minister in the evening. A full church also witnessed a church parade of the combined Napier and Hastings Baptist teams of the Girls' Life Brigade. Enjoyable end of the year "break-ups" of the Girls" Life Brigade and Boys' Brigade and Life Boys have been held. A willing band of helpers have been busy applying a fresh coat of paint to the outside of our church, which has freshened it up considerably. Our sick brethren are remembered in prayer before the Throne of Grace.-R. N.


February 1951

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).-Although, as a church, we feel honoured and gratified that our minister has been chosen to represent New Zealand Baptists at the Commonwealth Congress in England, it is with deep regret we part company for approximately seven months. Mr. Wood expects to sail on the Mataroa some time in January, and he will be sincerely missed by all during his absence, but, we realise that the Church as a whole will profit by his contacts and experience. Among those who have kindly consented to occupy our pulpit during Mr. Wood's absence are the tutor of the College, the Rev. Ayson Clifford, and the secretary of the Union, the Rev. P. F. Lanyon. It is with joyful expectancy that we look forward to their coming, and trust that our fellowship together will be profitable and blessed. Before his departure our minister had the pleasure of baptising two young believers-Misses Margaret Mustchin and Dawn Harrison. Through lack of space personal items have had to be omitted, but we remember in our prayers all our congregation in their joys and sorrows.-R. N.


March 1951

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).-Although Mr. Wood is now representing our denomination in England he did not leave us without first arranging for complete pulpit supplies during his absence. We appreciate the generous manner in which ministers throughout New Zealand have responded to our pulpit needs. Before leaving his church, Mr. Wood had the joy of receiving in dedication before the Lord four baby girls, the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Doug. Bewley, Stan Thomson, Albert Gamman and Ted Church. The following homes have been blessed by the arrival of little ones:-Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gibb, a son; Mr. and Mrs. T. Hodson, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Nelson McLean, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Davidson, a daughter. May God's protection and blessing follow Mr. and Mrs. Jolly as they visit their daughter and travel in England: also Mr. and Mrs. P. Lascelles, who visit Australia for the same purpose. Our "18-year-olds" in military camps are assured of our interest and prayers.-R. N.


April 1951

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).-We are pleased to report that Mr. Wood had a good sea voyage to England, and that services conducted on board ship were exceptionally well attended. Our prayer is that God will bless him richly in his new sphere of service. To date we are indebted to the under mentioned ministers for conducting our worship: the Revs. Rex Goldsmith, Ayson Clifford, P. F. Lanyon, E. N. Goring, H. G. Goring and J. J. Burt. We have been helped and blessed by their spiritual leadership and trust they, too, have received blessing in worshipping with us. We are also grateful to those brethren who are leading us in our mid-week prayer meetings, which are being well maintained. The Girls' Life Brigade have returned from a week-end camp at Mangatahi. Under the capable management of their leaders, the girls were given a happy and interesting outing. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Wood (nee Edlin) on the birth of a son.-R. N.



May 1951

Children's Page
Glancing through the register of members the other day I made some interesting discoveries. I found that the largest number of our members in any one church is at Hastings. You will be surprised to know that in about 30 churches we have no members at all, and from some other churches only one or two. There is room for many new members yet, so see if you can think of anyone who you can introduce to our Children's Page.


HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).-The Baptist denomination in England have arranged a full itinerary for our minister during his sojourn in that country. Mr. Wood is having a busy time taking services, but we are glad to report that he is keeping well. We have appreciated having the Revs. J. Ewen Simpson, T. R. Page, R. G. Bycroft, J. T. Palmer, Mr. J. R. H. Thorp and Mr. Murray Fowler in our pulpit, and have been blessed through their ministry. Our young people had a happy, helpful time at the Easter Camp in Gisborne, in spite of the inclement weather, and we enjoyed hearing campers giving accounts of their experiences at an after-church meeting. A cadet branch of the Girls' Life Brigade has recently been inaugurated, and made an encouraging commencement with sixteen members. It is with pleasure that we announce the engagement of Miss Jean Schofield to Mr. M. Fee, of Christchurch. Our congratulations are extended to Mr. and Mrs. Will Kean, Wellington, on the birth of a son.-R. N.


June 1951

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—We rejoice to know that our minister is being granted the physical strength to carry out the many spiritual duties arranged for him during his sojourn in England. To the Rev. A. L. Silcock, L. J. Boulton Smith, A. J. Gibbs, E. Payton, and P. J. C. Blackman we express our appreciation for conducting Sunday services. We continue to receive much blessing as we listen to the messages of visiting ministers. Great interest has been displayed in witnessing the parades of the Girls' Life Brigade, Life Boys, and the enrolment service of the Boys' Brigade. The church was filled to capacity on each of these occasions. The ladies of the B.W.M.U. and Shareholder groups met together for their annual Witness Week, and had a happy, profitable evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. Taylor. At a baptismal service recently a young believer, Graham Harrison, made the great confession. Congratulations to Dr. and Mrs. Ernest Velvin on the birth of a daughter.—R. N.


July 1951

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).-At the prayer meeting each week members look forward to hearing the latest news concerning our minister and his activities overseas for our Lord We continue to pray God's blessing upon him and the work he is doing abroad. Our sincere thanks are extended to the Rev. Luke Jenkins, the Rev. Ayson Clifford. Mr Ken. Halstead and Mr Ralph Barley. We have thoroughly enjoyed their ministry and been blessed through their messages. To the Rev. Ayson Clifford we are also indebted for showing us the interesting film of the College activities. During his visit one of our young men witnessed for our Lord in the waters of baptism. Our representatives at the Auxiliary meetings in Wanganui were Mr. and Mrs. Ray Baker. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Burns and Miss Doreen Harrison.-R. N.


August 1951

For The Children

Sugar-bags full at the back door—parcels at the front door—paper bags full in the letter box—an endless stream of boxes and cartons and envelopes and bags and tins and packets of all shapes and sizes and conditions. The condition of the parcels varied tremendously. There were parcels which left a trickle of stamps from the Post Office to the manse. But now it is over and they have been sent off by the sack-full to our stamp man, the Rev. E. W. Batts. The largest number of stamps came from the 1st Hastings Life Boy team, which in three months collected 56,000 stamps and sent them in—all cleaned! A grand effort.


HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—Our sincere thanks to Revs. J. J. Burt, L. S. Armstrong, Ian S. Kemp, J. Ewan Simpson, M. H. Judkins and Dr. Ernest Velvin for conducting our services. Approximately 120 members of the Girls' Life Brigade (including the newly-formed Cadet Section), Boys' Brigade and Life Boys' team paraded before Rev. J. J. Burt and a packed church. Congratulations, Girls' Life Brigade, on winning the Four-Square Shield. The altered and renovated house next to the church was officially opened by our minister's wife, and dedicated to the work of God as Bible Class rooms, on June 24. We extend sympathy to Mrs. Sims and Mrs. Stephens in their loss of a sister; good wishes to Mrs. Rotheray (nee Beverley Maddox), on the birth of a son; and a welcome home to Miss Leah Thorp.—R. N.


October 1951

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—The home-coming of our minister has been eagerly looked forward to by one and all, and we are indeed glad to have him back with us again. We desire, again, to express our gratitude to those ministers who so ably occupied our pulpit during Mr. Wood's absence overseas. It has been our privilege to listen to the under mentioned visiting speakers: Mr. and Mrs. Keith Dennis (Unevangelised Fields Mission, Papua), Miss Grant (British and Foreign Bible Society), Mr. Ken. Fowler (Bolivian Indian Mission), and Mr. Searle (missionary on furlough). The young people of the church recently conducted a very successful Baptist Youth Fair and raised over £100 towards paying off the amount owing on their Bible Class rooms. We record with sorrow the passing of Mrs. M. Palmer, late of Havelock North. Our congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Eric Palmer on the safe arrival of a wee son.—R. N.


December 1951

HASTINGS (Rev. N. R. Wood).—Our expectation of blessing on the return of our minister to his pastorate is materialising. The under mentioned believers have witnessed for their Lord in the waters of baptism: Mr. and Mrs. Lang, Mrs. Reekes, Mr. Johnstone, Misses Mary, Elizabeth, and Rose Anderson, Angela Bell, Eileen Taylor, Noreen Johnstone, Valda Hall, Masters Graeme Wallace and Terry Fowler. We are grateful to one of our members for the gift of a splendid Wurlitzer church electric organ. Little ones presented in dedication have been Stephen Hodson and Donald McLean. Approximately seventy young people attended Labour Weekend Camp at the Taradale School. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. George Kemp on the birth of a daughter, and to Mr. and Mrs. E. Beaumont a son. A warm Christian welcome back is extended to Mr. and Mrs. Bewley, senior. Best wishes to Miss Hazel Ireland and Mr. Murray Fowler on their engagement.— R. N.

Having received the gift of a new Electronic Organ, is desirous of disposing of a "Holt," two-manual and pedals, with electric motor. Enquiries from interested churches or parties would be welcome.
J. R. H. THORP Church Secretary. 409 Cornwall Road, Hastings.

N.Z. Baptist Magazine

Since the first days of the church, Hastings Baptist submitted regular summaries of church life and events to the New Zealand Baptist Magazine.  As part of the centenary archive those updates have been collected and reproduced here.  It is a catalogue of people and moments that have shaped the church’s story.