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January 1936

HASTINGS (Karamu Road) : Rev. C. B. Boggis.— Our Sunday School anniversary was one of the finest musical festivals given in Hastings. Crowded attendances greeted every service, while the choir of 200 voices was assisted by an efficient orchestra. Several solos and duets were rendered very sweetly by the children. The training of the children had been carefully carried out by the choirmaster, Mr J. Bewley. The floral decorations, arranged by Miss E. Sims and her workers, added great charm to the services. The services were conducted by Rev. R. B. Waugh, Rev. John Ings, and our pastor. In view of the splendid success of the anniversary the singing was repeated on the following Sunday evening. We had the pleasure of listening to Rev. J. Ings at a morning service, when an exchange of pulpits had been arranged with our minister. A baptismal service was held on the evening of November 24, when three of our young ladies were baptised, two of whom had made the great decision during the Rev. H. E. Edridge's recent mission. At our following Communion service, we had the joy of giving them the right hand of fellowship.—P. W. L.


February 1936

HASTINGS (Karamu Road) : Rev. C. B. Boggis.— We had the pleasure of listening to the Rev. L. B. Busfield, Sunday School Union secretary, at an evening service. Mr Busfield held several meetings in various church halls on different phases of Sunday School work, which were most interesting and instructive. Our annual thanksgiving offering was made on December 1, when our minister gave appropriate addresses. On the following Thursday evening a church social was held, at which the amount of the offering was made known, namely, £57. We give thanks to God. Musical items, competitions, and supper added to the evening's enjoyment. Our Young Worshippers' League members received their prizes at a morning service. Rev. and Mrs Boggis are spending a holiday in Australia, and Student G. T. Beilby is occupying our pulpit for five Sundays. We had the pleasure of a visit from the Union Secretary, who assisted at a morning service. It is with regret we have to report the death of one of our members, Mr A. McCann. We extend our sincere sympathy to Mrs McCann and her daughter, Mrs Clarke, of Christchurch.—P. W. L.


March 1936

HASTINGS (Karamu Road): Rev. C. B. Boggis.— After an enjoyable holiday spent in Australia, our minister has commenced another year. We pray God that the gospel so faithfully preached each Lord's Day will bear much precious fruit. We had the pleasure of listening during January to student G. I. Beilby, who is a preacher of much promise. We extend to Mr A. Jolly and family our sincere sympathy on the death of Mr Jolly's father. We said good-bye to Mrs A. McCann, who for many years has been a faithful member. She has left us to reside in Christchurch. The B.W.M.U. gave a farewell afternoon to Mrs McCann, when a token of love was presented to our friend. Our annual church meeting was well attended, when very healthy reports of all branches of the work were read, showing steady progress of the year's activities in our church life. We have a minister who proclaims the whole council of God, and Mr Boggis was warmly thanked for his messages. Our financial position showed a credit balance for the year, while just on £700 had been contributed for all causes, which was very satisfactory. Election of officers resulted as follows:—Secretary, Mr J. Bewley; treasurer, Mr R. H. Edridge; assistant treasurer, Mr A. H. Sims; choirmaster, Mr J. Bewley; organists. Miss B. McHutcheon and Mr W. Keen. Mr Bewley for 15 years as choirmaster, and Mr Edridge for 12 years as treasurer, were heartily congratulated and thanked for their valuable services. Elections of deacons resulted as follows:— Mr A. H. Sims and Mr F. Hill, re-elected: Mr D. D. Maddox, newly elected. We give thanks to God for blessings received, and pray that 1936 may see still greater results.—C. W. L.


April 1936

HASTINGS (Karamu Road) : Rev. C. B. Boggis.— A very impressive dedication service was conducted by our pastor, when Mr and Mrs Fred Hall presented their little one to the Master. A farewell gathering was tendered Mr and Mrs Keith Edridge on the eve of their departure for Wellington. Mr Edridge has since had to enter hospital to undergo an operation. We pray that he may be speedily restored to health again.— P. W. L.


May 1936

HASTINGS (Karamu Road) : Rev. C. B. Boggis.— Harvest festival services were af a high order. The display of fruit and produce, arranged by an energetic committee, was very artistic. Our minister preached appropriate addresses, and harvest anthems by the choir were much enjoyed. The fruit was disposed of on the following day, the proceeds (£7) being sent to Manurewa Home. At a recent rally of Bible Class members and Sunday School teachers about 70 sat down for tea and fellowship. Mr Boggis and Mr Colin Murray addressed the rally on "Things That Count." Mr and Mrs Gordon Riches, new arrivals from Wellington, were welcomed into membership at a recent Communion service. Mr Boggis has been taking a series of addresses from the "Seven Utterances of the Cross." Our Boys' Brigade, which is growing in numbers, paraded under Captain F. Hawkes at a morning service.—P. W. L.


June 1936

HASTINGS (Karamu Road) : Rev. C. B. Boggis.— Our Week of Prayer and Self-denial has resulted in great blessing to our church and a richer experience in many lives. Meetings were held every evening in the homes of our people and at the church, and a time of sweet communion was spent. Our self-denial offering eclipsed all previous efforts, namely, £50. To God be the glory. Mr Boggis has commenced a morning series of addresses on "The More Excellent Way," based on 1 Corinthians 13. These studies are charged with power. The Women's Guild has commenced operations for the year. Their labour of love is appreciated by all. We have had to say farewell to Mr and Mrs Partridge, who have left us to reside in Waimate. At a social function of the choir a presentation was made to them for service rendered to the choir. We had the pleasure of a visit from the Rev. E. C. Gunasekara, of India, whose message will long be remembered.—P. W. L.


July 1936

HASTINGS (Karamu Road) : Rev. C. B. Boggis.— A much enjoyed visit from Miss M. Bush helped to stimulate missionary interest in our church. Miss Bush occupied our pulpit on a Sunday morning, and spoke at our weekly prayer meeting. At a well-attended meeting of the B.W.M.U., a number also being present from Napier, Miss Bush spoke. The Rev. F. A. Parry's visit, telling of our West Coast venture, was very interesting. Our prayers follow him. The Primary Department of our Sunday School held a "cradle roll" afternoon for mothers and their babies which proved a happy time; we trust added interest will be the result.—P. W. L.


August 1936

HASTINGS (Karamu Road): Rev. C. B. Boggis.— We were privileged to have Dr C. J. Rolls to conduct both our services one Sunday. Large congregations gathered to hear his exposition of the Word, which will long be remembered. At the evening service three publicly confessed their Saviour. Dr Rolls also gave three lectures in our town. Our twenty-seventh church anniversary was a successful event, special services being conducted by our pastor. The following Thursday about 140 sat down to a family tea. A party headed by Mr and Mrs J. Ings from our mother church in Napier was present, Mr Ings giving a greeting. One of our oldest members, Miss Horton, lit the 27 candles on the birthday cake, and she was presented with a bouquet by little Joy Barley. Musical items were rendered. Mr J. Thorpe spoke. We fully appreciate the faithful work of Mr Boggis during the past year.—P. W. L.


September 1936

HASTINGS, Hawke's Bay (Karamu Road): Rev. C. B. Boggis.—Our pastor conducted much appreciated evangelistic services for a month. We launched a men's brotherhood in connection with our church on July 26. The inaugural meeting was well attended, and promises well for the future. Mr V. Westerman spoke on "World Crisis," his text being 1 Peter 2: 17, "Honour all men, love the brotherhood, fear God, honour the king." Election of officers was as follows:—President, Mr Boggis; vice-president, Mr V. Westerman; secretary, Mr J. Neilson. At our recent quarterly meeting it was unanimously agreed to adopt the duplex envelope system of giving as a means of overcoming our financial problem. The Bible Classes and Youth of the Church held a combined tea, which was splendidly attended. The young folk were addressed by Mr H. R. French. We are indebted to Miss McHutcheon for organising a concert on behalf of church funds.—P. W. L.


October 1936

HASTINGS (Kamaru Road) : Rev. C. B. Boggis.— An outstanding missionary meeting addressed by Dr Nola Ivory will long be remembered. Her able way of presenting our work on the field and her grasp of the needs of the people, both spiritual and physical, kept the attention of her audience during a most interesting meeting. A bright spot in our church activities is our Senior Christian Endeavour. The members display keen interest in their meetings. A recent visit to the home of Mr and Mrs Morgan was much appreciated, as was also a visit to our Napier Baptist Christian Endeavour. An exchange of pulpits for a morning service with the Rev. R. B. Gosnell (Methodist) was enjoyed. Our B.W.M.U. displayed garments for the Indian Christmas box, which created much interest. At a recent Communion service the right hand of fellowship was extended to Mrs Howard Paynter (nee Miss Delcie Nicholls, Wanganui).—P. W. L.


December 1936

HASTINGS (Karamu Road) : Rev. C. B. Boggis.— Our most important event of the month was our Sunday School anniversary. Crowded congregations greeted the preachers at all services. The Rev. J. Ings, of Napier, the Rev. J. Gumming, Taradale Presbyterian, and our own minister occupied the pulpit. The singing of the choir of 140 voices was of a high order, and reflected credit on our choirmaster, Mr J. Bewley. An effective orchestra, with Mr W. Kean at the piano, added greatly to the music. We had a visit from the Rev. F. Smart, of Mosgiel. a former member of the church, who occupied our pulpit at a morning service. Our General Secretary, Rev. M. W. P. Lascelles, was a welcome visitor in our pulpit at an evening service. We had the joy of welcoming four of our young folk into membership. Mr J. Milner, of the Sudan United Mission, delivered a lantern lecture of much interest. The monthly Men's Brotherhood heard with interest the experiences of Mr Doug. Neilson on the mission field in India. Mr and Mrs Doug Neilson are enjoying a well-earned rest in their home town. Our Young Women's Bible Class held a social to raise funds for improving their classroom. The Young Men's Bible Class held a camp over Labour Day week-end, which proved helpful and enjoyable.—P. W. L.

N.Z. Baptist Magazine

Since the first days of the church, Hastings Baptist submitted regular summaries of church life and events to the New Zealand Baptist Magazine.  As part of the centenary archive those updates have been collected and reproduced here.  It is a catalogue of people and moments that have shaped the church’s story.