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February 1924

HASTINGS (Rev. Keith Ewen).—Our annual sale of work was held on December 5, good business being done by all the stalls, and the satisfactory result of £100 being realised. The Women's Guild under the leadership of Mrs Henderson, deserve great credit for their unselfish sacrificial service rendered during the year in preparing for the sale of work On Sunday morning, December 23, we held a children's service, the members of the Junior Christian Endeavour leading the singing and rendering a Scripture chain, which was much appreciated. At the close of the service a retiring collection was taken up for the Manurewa Home. The Rev. M. W. P. Lascelles, union secretary, conducted both services on December 30, delivering helpful and inspiring addresses. Messrs R. Sowersby, F. E. Barley, C. Palmer, and members of the Young Men's Bible Class have helped to fill the pulpit during our pastor's absence. On New Year's Day we held our annual Sunday School picnic at Mount Erin, Havelock North.


March 1924

HASTINGS (Rev. T. Keith Ewen).—We were glad to welcome our pastor back from his holiday. Sunday School and respective Bible Classes resumed work on the first Sunday in February. The members of the Junior Endeavour had an enjoyable picnic at the "Peak," Havelock North, on January 30. The annual church business meeting was held on Tuesday evening, 12th, their being a good attendance of members, the spirit of unity being marked in the business transacted. The treasurer presented a very satisfactory balance sheet, showing that we were on the right side, with a credit balance. The good work done by Mr Barbour as treasurer was recognised by the meeting, also a vote of thanks to Mr Berridge for his assistance rendered to the treasurer. The following officers were elected:—Secretary, Mr F. E. Barley; treasurer, Mr J. M. Barbour; reporter to "Baptist," Mrs H. Ricketts; agent for "Baptist," Mr H. Ricketts; choirmaster, Mr J. Bewley; organist, Miss Napier; representative Manurewa Home, Mr F. E. Barley; leader Junior Endeavour, Mr F. E. Barley; envelope stewards, Mr R. E. Barley and Miss Napier; Communion steward, Mr L. Compton; deaconesses—Mesdames Hicks, Hall, Widdop, Compton, Baker, Ricketts; auditor, Mr A. Turner.


April 1924

HASTINGS (Rev. T. Keith Ewen).—Combined Bible Classes were held on Sunday, February 17, when our pastor gave a powerful address. After which an enjoyable time was spent around the tea table, when Mrs King, former leader of the Y.W.B.C. was accorded a hearty reception. The annual meeting of the B.W.M.U. was held on March 4. The following officers were duly elected for the ensuing year: President, Mrs Ricketts; vice-presidents, Mesdames Collins and Widdop; secretary, Mrs Baker; treasurer, Mrs Coad. Our harvest thanksgiving services were celebrated on Sunday, March 9, a splendid collection of fruits, and general produce. Our pastor preached two very appropriate sermons to excellent congregations. The goods were sold on Monday evening by Mr A. Gill, auctioneer, a very satisfactory result being realised.


June 1924

HASTINGS (Rev. T. Keith Ewen).)—The following were elected to fill vacancies on the diaconate:— Messrs Curd (re-elected), Woon, and Palmer. On Easter Sunday, we held combined Bible Classes, when our pastor delivered an impressive address. The deaconess continues to do very efficient service by visiting the sick and those unable to attend services, their ministrations being much appreciated. Four members have received the right hand of fellowship at the Lord's table. The week of prayer has proved to be a glorious season of spiritual refreshment. Meetings were held every night in the homes of friends, closing on Saturday night with a largely attended meeting in the church, and after prayer we gathered round the Lord's table. We observed “Mothers' Day” with white flowers and suitable sermons. Mr Bewley has resigned the superintendence of the Sunday School for health reasons. Mr Stevenson, our former superintendent, has again taken charge of this important work. Mr Fear, the leader of the Young Men's Bible Class, has been greatly encouraged by the increase in membership and interest taken by the young men in their class. Mr Palmer has commenced monthly, evening services at Pukahu.


July 1924

HASTINGS (Rev. T. Kent Ewen).—On May 13 we had the pleasure of listening to a very instructive and inspiring address from Miss McDuff, of the C.I.M. Society. On the evening of May 29, the Sunday School, choir, and Church combined in a social gathering to welcome Mr Berridge and his bride. A bright and enjoyable evening was spent, when musical and elocutionary items were rendered by the various friends, after which the pastor presented the happy pair with a set of carvers and teaspoons from the Church. Mr Bewley, on behalf of the choir, and Mr Stevenson, on behalf of the Sunday School, presented two chairs and a linen basket. Mr F. E. Barley supplemented the remarks of the speakers by a few timely words. Mr Berridge was greeted with applause on rising to respond on behalf of his bride and himself. On the evening of the King's Birthday, June 3, the junior Endeavourers were entertained by their leader, Mr F. E. Barley, with his wife and Mrs Hicks, at a tea and social evening. On the evening of June 5, a large gathering of scholars, teachers, and parents met in the school-room, when a most successful concert was given by the scholars. During the evening the pastor presented the prizes to the successful scholars for the year. Special mention must be made of the visit of the Union President, Mr H. M. Smeeton, who gave us a splendid address dealing with the work of the Union and the Missionary Society, closing with an appeal on behalf of the Manurewa Children's Home. We shall be glad to welcome Mr Smeeton again.


August 1924

HASTINGS (Rev. T. Keith Ewen).—On Friday, June 27, the scholars of the Sunday School were entertained by the superintendent and teachers at an enjoyable romp, with refreshments. The following Sunday, at the morning service, prizes were presented to the members of the Young People's Worshipping League. It is very gratifying to record the great interest taken by the young people of the church in the mid-week prayer meeting. This marks a decided improvement in the spiritual condition of the church. A word of praise is due to the choir for the excellent anthems which they have rendered, proving a spiritual help and stimulus to the increasing congregations. The services at Pukahu, conducted by our pastor, continue in interest. The attendance at the monthly evening service, conducted by Mr C. Palmer, also at Pukahu, is most promising.


September 1924

HASTINGS (Rev. Keith Ewen).—The monthly prayer meetings have been resumed at Havelock North, in the residence of Mr H. Paynter, encouraging attendances. The little prayer meeting held at the manse on Saturday evenings, has been discovered by the young people of the church, and is proving a source of spiritual blessing to them. On July 23 a special effort was made by the church, on behalf of the Manurewa Children's Home. In the afternoon, cake and sweet stalls; also a jumble stall, did excellent business. Afternoon tea was provided at a small charge. In the evening a most successful concert was given by the Sunday School scholars. Donations, collection, and takings for the day amounted in all to the gratifying sum of £30 for this most deserving cause.


November 1924

HASTINGS (Rev. T. Keith Ewen).—Our last B.W.M.U. meeting took the form of a social afternoon, when we had a splendid gathering of women. During the afternoon interesting letters from workers on the field having been read, Mrs F. E. Barley favoured us with a solo. A most gratifying collection was taken up. Afternoon tea was then handed round, bringing a very pleasant afternoon to a close. An appeal was made at our church in connection with the Prohibition movement, a good response resulting. On September 26 a most enjoyable concert was held in aid of funds for the furnishing of our Sunday School. The scholars of the Sunday School were responsible for the first half of the programme, and adults the latter part. The programme submitted was much appreciated by the large audience, and the seating accommodation was fully taxed. The takings of the evening justified the special effort made.

N.Z. Baptist Magazine

Since the first days of the church, Hastings Baptist submitted regular summaries of church life and events to the New Zealand Baptist Magazine.  As part of the centenary archive those updates have been collected and reproduced here.  It is a catalogue of people and moments that have shaped the church’s story.