Practical Bible Training
Bible & Ministry Training For Anyone

Practical Bible Training

We believe every Christian has been saved to serve, so we offer Bible and ministry training for ordinary, everyday people.

We offer courses from the Vocational Bible College, Australia, which aims to provide Christian ministry training that suits those who learn best practically and actively. You can study with us for one semester, or keep going towards a certificate in Biblical Studies and Ministry.

Our training suits the gifts and abilities of people who love to learn practically and actively compared to most ministry training that is academic and often only suits those who’ve been to university. It’s about what you can do rather than what you have read and how many words you have written!

Our subjects will include:

  • Seeing Jesus in the whole Bible (a Bible overview)
  • Talking to others about Jesus
  • Reading Mark’s Gospel
  • Growing new Christians
  • Reading the Law (Genesis - Deuteronomy)
  • Goals, priorities and looking after yourself
  • God’s plan for Family
  • Leading a Growth Group
  • Learning from the Early Church



Rob Morton is the coordinator and trainer.

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