Teaching the Next Generation

We Value Youth

God Cares
We believe God cares about teenagers. God wants us to know him personally. This isn’t just a truth for adults, but for people of all ages.
Know God Through Jesus
We believe we get to know God through his Son, Jesus Christ, who came not only to save us, but he also to show us just what God is like.

Know Jesus Through The Bible
We believe we come to know Jesus through the Bible. That’s why our youth ministry is built on reading and exploring the Bible together.
Equip Youth
We believe teenagers can grow in their faith, and in their service of God and others. We want to equip our youth to live the Christian life for God’s glory.
Encourage & Support Parents
We believe parents are primarily responsible for training their children for a lifetime of Christian service. Therefore, our church seeks to support parents and families in this most important task.

Whole Church
We believe youth ministry is the work of the whole church for the good of our young people — not a separate ‘club’.

Sunday Morning

Our teenagers remain with the wider church family for our Sunday morning service. We sing, pray, encourage each other and hear from the Bible together. Some of our youth also serve the church through music, leading kidzown, and various other ways.

Bible Study

During the school term, high-schoolers get together on a week-night for a Bible Study. We want to hear what God has to say through the Bible. The studies are interactive, relevant, honest and always open to questions.

Annual Camp

Each year our Youth Group (high school students) head away on a weekend long camp. They have fun, build friendships, and learn more from the Bible - often taught by a guest speaker.

Keeping Safe

We use the ChildSafe management system to ensure the safety of our youth and leaders because we acknowledge that we are responsible for our people and our programmes. All leaders who work with our youth undergo a screening process and have training in protection and safety practices.


Your teenagers are entrusted to our care when they arrive at our youth events.


We encourage you to ensure your teenagers have safe transport to and from our gatherings.


We will always do our best to stick to planned start and end times, so parents know where their teens are.


Parents are welcome to join us anytime, ask questions, and look through all of our training material.