Sunday 10.00am

We look forward to meeting you in person.

I Saw Heaven Open
Children & Church

Children need to learn about Jesus.
Whether you are seeking spiritual help or a spiritual home – you’ll receive a warm welcome.
Senior Pastor
The people that teach us put time and effort into finding us something to learn at Kidzown.
Aged 10
This church is a true family of God, friendly, welcoming and supportive.
Retired Midwife
We have an awesome crèche team to care for your toddler.
Teacher Aide
The teaching is straight from the Bible.
Concrete Pump Guy
We enjoy the Youth Group, where teenagers get to learn from the Bible. It's very encouraging and we have great studies and social time.
Thea & Anna

Hastings Baptist Church

Our name gives you a pretty good clue as to who we are:


This is where we live and where our energy and ministry is directed.

We have been in Hastings for over 100 years and we are committed to the good of our city and our community.



Being a “Baptist” church means we are:

Christian: We hold to the historic Christian faith, taught in the Bible and summarised in the ancient Christian creeds.

Evangelical: We want everyone to hear the good news about Jesus, and to make a personal response to Jesus the saviour and king.

Congregational: Baptist churches are governed by their “members” – Christian people who are committed to their local church. We serve each other and we serve together.


God designed the church for a reason: Christians weren’t meant to “go it alone”!

Local churches (like Hastings Baptist Church) are communities of ordinary Christian people who gather regularly, help each other grow in Christian faith, and work together to tell other people about Jesus.

Our children's programme runs during the school terms for kids from kindergarten age through to Intermediates.
Mothers & Infants
Mothers & Infants
There is a quiet room for nursing mums with a changing table. The service can still be heard and seen.
We offer a crèche for under 5's during the service.
This our programme for primary school age children.
This programme is more discussion based and designed to move with the children as they develop more independence and start asking their own questions about Christian faith.
Jo Cox
Jo Cox
Jo is part of the staff team and oversees the ministry to women and families.
We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of children and young people involved in our church programmes.

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Bible Talks

We've clocked up some preaching miles!

We believe that when the Bible is clearly and plainly taught God's voice will be heard. That experience is life changing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone is welcome on Sunday morning! You don't have to be a Christian to come along.

On a typical Sunday there will be small children, teenagers, adults and the elderly - men & women, boys & girls, a broad mix of ages and stages. Some have been coming to church their whole life - for others this might be their first church service.

We do the normal things in a Sunday church service: singing, praying, reading from the Bible, listening to a sermon. We greet new people and catch-up with old friends. We are a community of ordinary people who encourage each other to know and live for Jesus.

The corner of Karamu Road South & Lyndon Road.

Sunday mornings at 10.00am. Our service runs for about 75 minutes and is followed by morning tea.

The children start in the main service and then move off to their own programme. Everyone finishes at the same time.

The dress code for Sunday morning is relaxed and informal - standard kiwi clobber is fine.
We won't embarrass you and you won't be asked to do anything strange and unusual. We know that for new people "Sunday church" can be a foreign experience, so we'll do our best to explain what's happening.